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Bonjour à tous,

Appnovation vient de s'établir dans ses bureaux permanent à Montréal dans le Mile End et nous pensons organiser une petite rencontre pour les gens de la communauté de Montréal afin de souligné l'occasion et avoir la chance de vous offrir un autre endroit/occasion de partager vos histoires Drupal avec nous.

Je sais qu'il y a déjà eu une rencontre cette semaine, donc je me demandais à quelle interval cela ferait du sens d'offrir un autre événement.

Je fais donc appel à vous pour me laisser savoir s'il y a une meilleur "timing" pour faire la chose.



Hello everyone,

Appnovation just recently opened their new permanent office in the Mile End and we would like to organize a small Drupal social gathering to meet and share with all the Montreal community members.

I know there's already been one event happening this week, so I was wondering when would be a good time to have another one to avoid too much overlap.

I'm looking forward to hear back from you and gauge interest.





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In general we do board meetings the first week of the month and a social gathering of some sort (either networking or demos) on the third week of the month.

We certainly welcome new venues! We have a tentative plan to do something on 25 June, I am not coordinating but maybe it would be good for that date? Unless you are on vacation...

Thanks Ryan. I'll put forward

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Thanks Ryan. I'll put forward the 25th as the date here internally.

How many people do you think would turn around at this time of the year? (low/high)

I've created an event for the

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I've created an event for the 25th, please signup if you think you can join us.

Montreal, Quebec

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