What were your favorite Austin sessions?

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If you made it to Austin I hope you had a great drupalcon! Session videos are now posted and I'm just sitting here rating my sessions and trying to organize and digest what I learned. I'd really like to go back and watch some again and also catch some of the ones that I wanted to see but couldn't.

If you get a second, will you please post your favorites? What stood out? I think between all of us who went, we could quickly get a list together of the very best sessions to watch if you have limited time and want a curated list to pick from.

Here are my favorites:
A Developer's Primer to Managing Developers
The Accessible Experience: Designing for Everyone
OpenSaaS: Why Drupal is the perfect platform for open-source + SaaS businesses
Content Staging in Drupal 8
Local Dev for the Masses: Vagrant + Virtual Box + Puppet + Kalabox



Too many

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It depends on what you are looking for. What I recommend, might not be a fit for you. Choose them the same way you selected which ones you physically attended.

I've just kept them playing while I work, starting with a couple I wanted to review, kinda like book-on-tape. Although it is unnerving hearing yourself ask questions and make comments on youtube.


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