Maintenance Group . . .

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I tentatively signed up to be part of the Maintenance group (tentatively, because I wasn't really sure what the job description was, and I didn't want to volunteer for a full-time position -- this kind of falls under greggles' item number 7 of his post). After I signed up, I looked around the site to see if I could determine what needed to be done, but I found nothing that I could do that I had any control over, nor any sort of documentation or instructions on how or where to proceed. Since then, I've been just kind of watching and waiting to see if that would change, but it hasn't. At this point, there doesn't really seem to be anything to do that I have any control over, other than make comments like this. Is there anything to do that I have any control over, and if so, what and/or where?


What do you need

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What do you want to work on? What do you need control over? Let us know. I have perhaps 2 hours a week to put into this, and everyone is working full time on many projects.

I made you an editor so you have some extra powers.


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I'm not really sure what I thought I needed control over, I just felt kind of powerless to affect any change. But now I'll take these new found powers and see what havoc I can reek. Mwuhahaha!

Oh, and BTW, I am fairly willing to tackle any of the items that need to be done.