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Are there any standards for documenting Drupal site architecture?

When someone builds a Drupal site to solve a set of needs, many decisions are made along the way which shift the end product from off-the-shelf Drupal to a custom architected solution. While there is plenty of documentation for stock Drupal, and for many contrib modules, frequently there is no documentation for the specific customizations made to your site. Having no site architecture documentation is a problematical condition for any organization concerned about maintainability and ability to make changes to the site themselves.

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Automatic document generation for contributed and custom Module

Whenever we install a new module, We will search for its configuration options. Even though the module has description page, there are not many modules which describe what it does in a developer's perspective.

So I decided to create a module which describes a module based on hooks, menus, schema, variables and other drupal entities it uses.

I would love to hear some suggestions based on this idea.

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Documentación Drupal7

Hola a todos,
les cuento que hay un cliente que nos está pididiendo la siguiente documentación, saben si existe algo parecido por ahí?
Pillé algo parecido para Drupal 5.7 pero pdf no editable.

  • Diccionario de Datos (debe incluir valores posibles para cada campo de cada tabla, y el significado de estos en el caso de que sean códigos).
  • Modelo de Datos.
  • Modelos de Procesos de Negocios.

Muy agradecido desde ya,

Pato J.

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This month in Drupal documentation (February 2015)

Here's an update from the Documentation Working Group (DocWG) on what has been happening in Drupal Documentation in the last month or so. Because this is posted in the Core group as well as Documentation you can not comment on this post. If you have comments or suggestions, please see the DocWG home page for how to contact us.

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Setting up a Windows Server

We went through the process last year of documenting how to set up Drupal on Windows:

There are lots of pieces of documentation, but as a long time LAMP user I couldn't find anything to consolidate it.

This needs some help from Windows System Admins, but should hopefully help some folks take the next step.

Please fork and suggest pull requests to update the documentation.

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Contrib Module Versions

We do monthly contrib module updates to our sites - some of which use Panopoly as a base distro. There are times when the latest release of a contrib module is not the same version included in the version of Panopoly we are using.

Each month we review the contrib module versions that have updates against the contrib module versions in Panopoly. The process can be a bit time consuming. I updated the Apps, Modules, Themes and Libraries in Panopoly documentation page to include the version numbers of the contrib modules in Panopoly 1.6.

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Patterns 7.x-2.x as recommended version and new documentation

Hello everyone!,

As announced during the past presentation of Patterns at Drupalcamp London ( version 7.x-2.x of Patterns has just been marked as the recommended one.
Several sections of the documentation have been updated according to the new version and a new section offering a more detailed summary of the new features has been added as well:

We look forward to hear your feedback, please do not hesitate to open any issues in the list.

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Docs session at upcoming ApacheCon

ApacheCon NA 2013 is February 26th – 28th, in Portland Oregon. There is a "Documentation: Don't be Afraid" session Tuesday 2:45 p.m.–3:45 p.m.

Just a heads up in case anyone in the area wanted to attend.

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PNW Drupal Summit Docs BoF

For those of you who will be attending the Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit, who would have an interest in participating in a Docs BoF/sprint? I'm new to the Docs team, but I wouldn't mind organizing this (whenever the summit site gets BoFs up and running!). I also wouldn't mind helping someone out if they've got more experience in organizing a BoF of this type.


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Commons Site Builder Guide or Manual


Has anyone found or created a manual or guide (no matter how big or small) for Commons site builders, community managers, and/or content creators and admins?

Less interested in things having to do with development, themeing, or admin that are covered here . . .

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