Draper Lunch Meetup

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2014-07-08 12:00 - 14:00 America/Denver
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User group meeting

This DUG meeting will be held at the Smart Rhino Labs office located right off of I-15 and Bangerter in Draper.

Direct link to the office:


76 W 13775 S Suite 2C
Draper, UT 84020

Anyone who wants pizza, give me a count of who's coming and I'll get it here!

Also, let's get some discussion going on what people want to discuss. Last month we had a discussion on performance enhancements. I think front end development was another one people wanted to discuss. Other ideas?


I'd like to come and eat

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Some of the other topics brought up we
- Web services in Drupal 8
- Theming
- Scaling and high availability
- geo locate module and filtering results
- agile project management
- using external databases

We also had a conversation after most of the people left in the first draper meetup about maybe doing a code sprint of our own. I don't know how that would play out in a meetup but it was another idea for a topic (maybe better suited to a day of coding).

As a clarification, front-end development was the idea of how to do it without coding it. What was possible out of the box or just adding on some modules.

Tyler Smith

ideas from the first meeting

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Hi guys, these are the ideas I captured for presentations from my notes that day (and there could have been others I missed):
- rules module
- site optimization (speed up Drupal) ++
- multilingual in Drupal
- Theming
- Angular within Drupal
- Geolocate module
- report on drupalcon austin
- drupal 8 stuff

I'm in

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This will be the first time I've had a chance to come.

Quick intro: I've been working with Drupal for close to 3 years now while also finishing up with school. I'm mostly a front-end designer/developer, but also spend a large amount of time planning, building, etc. Didn't know we had any local groups until Drupalcon.

Welcome Topplestack

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Glad to have you. Hope you can find value in the group. Look forward to meeting you in person next week!

Tyler Smith

robertdbailey, would you want

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robertdbailey, would you want to talk about Drupalcon Austin? Or anyone else that went there? Some great takeaways we could all learn from?

Last call! I'm planning on

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Last call! I'm planning on just a couple pizzas, and we'll probably touch on Drupalcon Austin, and maybe go over some D8 cool stuff. We can touch on front end dev if no one else has anything else they want to talk about :)


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I wanted to be there today, but got caught in a last minute problem at work. Hope to be there next month. Life has been crazy but should be quite a bit calmer for the rest of the summer. Hope you guys have a great time!

Tyler Smith