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Hi there. We're going with Windows 8/IIS/PHP and are wondering which is the better solution: MSSQL or MySQL? We currently have a WAMP box running Drupal 6 and will need to migrate data from the current MySQL db to whatever we decide to use on this new build. Thoughts?


If you have the choice, go MySQL

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While my experience has been that MSSQL is a workable solution, I think you'll find fewer issues with modules and or module upgrades that don't work due to a lack of support for MSSQL over time.

For the most part, the more popular/stable modules will work just fine in either case, but if you want to use certain modules (ex. webform is a good example), you'll be out of luck without MySQL.

Thanks for the input, BBC.

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Thanks for the input, BBC. We do use Webform, so this could be a deal breaker.

Microsoft Suggests Using MySQL

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I had a recent discussion with a MS guy who suggested using PHP 5.5 & MySQL for an optimal experience.

The PHP 5.5 drivers for MSSQL just aren't ready for prime time yet from what I understand.

Thank you so much for your

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Thank you so much for your input, mgifford. I think we are going to go with MySQL.