No weekly scrum this week / Feedback on future times and Hangouts vs IRC

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I forgot to get everything set up last week in advance, so given the short notice, I'm going to skip this week's weekly scrum. I'm sure a fair amount of us will still be in IRC and I'm looking forward to hearing a summary from the Zurich sprint!

Alternate time poll

We are looking to change up our Drupal Media Team's weekly scrum into an alternate time every other week to help increase participation from those interested! If you are unable to usually make the current scrum time (3:30 PM UTC / 10:30 AM US Central time), please let us know (on the times that generally work for you every week so we can make an informed choice for increased participation!

Ignore the specific dates here, think of this in terms of your usual schedule during the week and when you'd normally be free. Please select as many open times as you can so we can find the best common ground.some

Again, if you are interested in participating in the Media team weekly scrums, please fill out

Hangouts on Air vs IRC for meetings

I'd like to get some quick feedback if we should continue using Hangouts on Air for our weekly scrum meetings. On the one hand, it is nice to see faces, but I worry that by using a very publicly format, we may be limiting contributors or participants.

Like most of the other major Drupal core initiatives, I'm considering moving our scrum to IRC only, and maybe having the core Media team itself having private hangouts for any internal discussion during the IRC meeting.

Please comment here with what you think!


Next meeting

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Has next meeting been fixed ?

Can we read the Hackpad from August 5th meeting ? (can't find the link anymore)



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