Migrate SQL Server database to MySQL

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We have a current Drupal 7 site using SQL Server 2012 but need to export the database and import into MySQL.

SQL server has worked ok but due to the lack of module support we need to change the database to MySQL.

Are there any steps to do this online specifically for a Drupal website?


I've used the migration

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I've used the migration features of MySQL Workbench to move tables from Oracle to MySQL in the past and it worked pretty well. It took a little bit to get it hooked up and learn how to use it, but then it was straightforward.

I don't think there's anything Drupal specific that you would need to do, but it's hard to know.

When you say "do this online" - do you want to try to keep the site live and running during the migration? That could be difficult. I think the best you can do is try to minimize the window where the site is not available, or have a brief window where the old site is available, but in a "read-only" mode (i.e. don't let anyone login - the maintenance helper module has features to support a read-only mode).