DUG Meeting This Month?

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Thanks everyone who came out to Drupal Camp last week. It was really fun! I hope you learned some new things while you were there.

Just wanted to see how much interest there is in having the regular Thursday meeting this month. I'm not sure if it's too close to the camp or not. So if we get more than a few who want to meet let's plan on it. It would be next week on the 28th if we did.


Let's put the pedal to the

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Let's put the pedal to the metal! I'm excited about Drupal, why not build on the momentum from camp? We have so much to talk about and so much to plan. :) maybe it's just me, but I'll be there.

I would like to meet up for a

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I would like to meet up for a DUG meeting. I agree with pandaPowder, we should build on the momentum.

Plus, who knows if anyone from Drupal Camp heard about these meetings and want to come check it out?

I'll be there. Looking

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I'll be there. Looking forward to it!

What time should I show up?

I'm in. I missed Drupal

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I'm in. I missed Drupal Camp, so I'd like to hear a recap and discuss highlights. It's also a good idea shortly after something like this to do a retrospective to figure out what worked and didn't work.

So you're telling me there's a chance?

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Okay, I'll plan on next Thursday! I'm taking notes of who said they'd come... if you don't show up Druplicon will whip you.