Feedback needed: what are some sites that belong in "Who's Using Drupal?" block?

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The block at of "Who's Using Drupal" is in need of a refresh. Do you have any shining examples of Drupal in action that you would like to see listed there? I plan to take your feedback here and work with the Content Working Group to get the block updated with the latest and greatest. Thanks for your feedback. Please comment before October 31.


List of Sites in Drupal

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I work for Blink Reaction and I have a list of awesome sites that we worked on that were built in Drupal:


9/11 Memorial

A series for Emmis Communication:
Power 106 FM


FM News Talk

Princeton's Woodrow Wilson School

Please let me know if I can provide any additional information on these.


Gina Montoya

UK based examples

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Hi Liz,

Great idea! It would be nice to see more non USA sites mentioned on D.O.

British Council EAL (English as an additional language)
A digital resource library of learning and teaching materials for EAL students and teachers. With over 1M people in the UK having English as an additional language this web site provides vital help in new migrants integrating into society. It has a mobile first and accessibility imperative. The British Council is a UK government public sector body

Gatwick Obviously
Official campaign website by Gatwick airport to support tendering of the proposed additional runway for London. Drupal was chosen due to the ability to support rapid iterations, scalability (high traffic due to media interest) and the responsive approach.

Paul Johnson
Global Social Media Lead for DrupalCon


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How about ...

Mayor of London
Parkinsons Charity
Cancer Research

Some nice examples amongst these.



Paul Johnson
Global Social Media Lead for DrupalCon

even more

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Lush is a massive & impressive site on Drupal:

twitter: @jojototh user: mogdesign


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Thank you for the feedback. I love that Gatwick Airport is a Drupal site. When I landed there and saw that slogan, I had to take a photo of it. Obviously!


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Perhaps a Governments heading?

Lots of governments around the world are using Drupal - from National governments, to local governments, and all kinds of government agencies and programs.

Donna Benjamin
Board Member Drupal Association