DUG Last ever meeting

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2014-12-03 18:00 - 22:10 Europe/Zurich
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User group meeting

Hello Everybody

Announcement of the last ever Swiss DUG meeting

of this year.... :-)

And it is going to be a special one. We are invited to visit the - normally securely closed - computing center of COLT here in Zürich.
We are invited to a tour (starting 18:30h) of the facilities by COLT-Management and can afterwards use the meeting rooms for our "normal" DUG.


Okay, on to the normal DUG:

Each slot has 15 min of presentation time and 5 min of Q&A
- Drupal 8 high performance hosting requirements (Berdir or Miro_Dietiker)
- 6 Months of intensive Drupal 8 training (cbr - Christian Broekmeulen)
- Site-building Layouts in Drupal 8 - (dasjo)
- The Banana initiative in Drupal 8 - (Lewis Nyman)

- Badenerstrasse 820, 8005 Zürich, Link: http://goo.gl/zkUEUI
There will be drinks and snacks sponsored by COLT

Please sign up so that we know for how many people we should get prepared.
And note/tip: Show up early. Due to security measures: if you are late --> no tour!

Looking forward to seeing you at COLT, Switzerland


(ps: contact me it you would like to present at this DUG.)


6 Months of intensive Drupal 8 training

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As a Drupal 8 newbie I arrived at MD Systems to start my 6 months internship in Drupal 8 development.
Now my time is almost over I would like to give a presentation that looks back on my internship period and I would like to explain how it was for me to jump into Drupal 8 development from start to end.

Looking forward to seeing you at the last Swiss DUG meeting for this year.

Presentation listed

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Looking forward to your D8 adventures...



Jos Doekbrijder

Hi there, I would also like

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Hi there,

I would also like to do a short presentation: Site-building Layouts in Drupal 8.

This would be an update of my former presentation (http://dasjo.at/blocks-layouts-szeged) with some fresh updates on whats currently possible for site builders using the latest tools available for Drupal 8.



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Hi Josef

Just put you in... :-)

Can you also sign up? (and tell some of your colleagues)



Jos Doekbrijder

One Week To Go

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Hello all

One week to go until the last DUG of this year.
We are invited by COLT to a guided tour of their computing center and afterwards will be able to use their meeting rooms to hold our actual DUG.

We have 3 presentations lined up for you (and have one spare one) --- That means we still have time for your presentation. Please contact me if you have a topic you want to present.

Also, Due to the security requirements of the computing center we should all be on-time so the tour can start as planned.

and last - but not least - Please sign up, and tell your Drupal friend to signup and be part of this cool evening and the Swiss Drupal User Group.



Jos Doekbrijder

I can talk about the Drupal 8

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I can talk about the Drupal 8 theme system, the banana initiative and the Classy theme, what they mean and what it means for module developers and themers in Drupal 8.

I call it:

Staying Classy: The Banana initiative in Drupal 8

Looking forward to tonights

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Looking forward to tonights meetup!

@Jos could you update the Agenda? until when is it possible to join the tour? - i can make it until 18:30

see you soon :)

@dasjo @LewisNyman Sadly I

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@dasjo @LewisNyman Sadly I had to leave early for a birthday and I missed your presentation. Could you share your slides so I can still get an idea what you talked about? Thanks!

Here are my presentation

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Here are my presentation notes:

Stay tuned for information about the Drupal Global Sprint Weekend January 17, 2015 and January 18, 2015 hosted at Amazee Labs offices


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