Drupal Global Sprint Weekend January 17, 2015 and January 18, 2015

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Small local sprints everywhere (well, not everywhere, but anywhere) will be held during the weekend of January 17 and 18 2015. Listed alphabetically by continent, country, locality.

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Places with Local Sprints


  1. Project application review sprint, January 17-18

Africa (ordered by country, then city)

  1. ?

Asia (ordered by country, then city)


  1. Shiga, Japan. 18th January


  1. Bangalore, India. 17th January
    RECAP post: https://groups.drupal.org/node/452833#comment-1082408
  2. Chennai, India. 18th January
  3. Delhi NCR (Gurgaon), India. 17th -18th January
  4. Mumbai, India. 17th January
  5. Pune, India. 17th January
  6. Goa, India. 18th January

Hong Kong

  1. Hong Kong, DrupalCamp. 17th January 2015


  1. Melbourne. 17th January

Europe (ordered by country, then city)

  1. Ghent, Belgium. 17th - 18th.
  2. Sofia, Bulgaria. 17th-18th. Init lab Hackerspace
  3. Berlin, Germany. 17th - 18th.
  4. Munich, Germany. 17th - 18th. Location to be announced. https://groups.drupal.org/node/447263
  5. Schwerin, Germany. 17.01. - Drupal Sprint Weekend 2015 in Schwerin, Germany
  6. Budapest, Hungary, January 17th - https://groups.drupal.org/node/450943
  7. Milan, Italy, January 17th - https://groups.drupal.org/node/453373
  8. Skopje, Macedonia, 17th - 18th
  9. Groningen, The Netherlands January 18th - http://drupal.nl/evenement/drupal-global-sprint-weekend-groningen
  10. Serbia, Novi Sad. 17th - Drupal all-day sprint
  11. Wroclaw, Poland, January 17th - https://groups.drupal.org/node/447633
    RECAP blog: http://www.ratioweb.pl/blog/drupal8-codesprint-drupal-community/drupal-g...
  12. Cáceres, Spain. 17th.
  13. Madrid, Spain. 17th - 18th.
  14. Barcelona, Spain. 17th - 18th.
  15. Sevilla, Spain. 17th-18th. Location: Cocomore (Avda Jerez 21, Bellavista)
  16. Valencia, Spain. 17th - 18th.
    RECAP blog (all of Spain): http://asociaciondrupal.es/es/cronica-global-sprint-weekend
  17. Vienna, Austria. 18th. Location: drunomics office
  18. Zurich, Switzerland. 17th - 18th. Amazee Labs
  19. Kyiv, Ukraine, 18th

Latin America (ordered by country, then city)

  1. Bolivia, Cochabamba. Jan 17, 18. Contribute to drupal!
  2. Colombia, Bogotá. Jan 17. Drupal Sprint Weekend 2015 - Bogotá, Colombia
  3. Costa Rica, San José. Jan 17 and 18. Sprint with us at Anexus!
  4. Nicaragua, León. Jan 17. Learn how to contribute to Drupal at MTech!

US & Canada (ordered by country, then state/province, then city)

  1. Vancouver, BC, Canada - Drupal Sprint Weekend 2015. Jan 17 & 18. Location: The Jibe eCommerce Website Design @joelpittet.
  2. London, Ontario, Canada. Jan 17. Location: Digital Echidna.
  3. St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada Jan 17. Location: Cowork Niagara.
  4. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Jan 17th, 10am-5pm. Location: BrightLane Inc.
  5. Montréal, Québec, Canada. Jan 17 & 18. Location: Kafei Interactive office 903 Bélanger (station Jean-Talon).
  6. Chicago, Illinois, USA. Jan 17 and 18 Chicago Illinois USA Drupal Global Sprint Weekend 2015 meetup.com page location: http://www.dbridgesolutions.com 210​ N Racine Ave | 2M | Chicago
  7. Iowa City, Iowa, USA. Jan 17 9am - 5pm - Event post
    RECAP blog: http://brandonneil.com/blog/2015/iowa-city-drupal-global-sprint-weekend-...
  8. Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Jan 17. 10am - 5pm - Event Page
  9. Twin Cities, Minnesota, USA. Jan 17. 10am - 4:00pm Event Page
  10. New York, NY, USA on Jan 17. Come sprint with us!
  11. Asheville, North Carolina, USA. Jan 17th. g.d.o Event Page and Meetup.com
  12. Portland, Oregon, USA. Jan 17 and 18. New contributors welcome, join us!
  13. Austin, Tx, USA. Jan 17 9am - 6pm Location: Capital Factory
  14. Washington DC, USA. Jan 17 Eventbrite registration location: 1110 Vermont Avenue NW Suite 500, Washington, DC
  15. Chattanooga TN, USA. Jan 17 10am to 4pm g.d.o Event Page and Meetup.com

To participate

  • use "Drupal Sprint Weekend 2015" in the description of your sprint meetup, sprint camp session, mini-sprint, wind-sprint, or all-day sprint, like: "Drupal All-day Sprint in Anywhere Town, IL, USA is part of Drupal Sprint Weekend 2015."
  • add a link to your sprint on this page. The link can be to a website, meetup, event on groups.drupal.org, blog post or whatever is appropriate for your event.
  • link back to this listing of local sprints
  • add an "event" of type "sprint" on groups.drupal.org in a group for your area, to put your sprint on drupical.com and get exposure to people in your area
  • use the hash tag #SprintWeekend on twitter
  • use the tag "SprintWeekend2015" on d.o issues (no # in this tag name!)

Suggested announcement

A blurb to add to your session/event description (edit to fit your event):

Everyone is welcome; if you have built a site in Drupal, you can contribute. We will split into groups and work on Drupal core issues. Bring your laptop. For new folks: you can get a head start also by making an account on Drupal.org, getting some contribution tools, and developers can install git before coming and git clone Drupal 8 core.

Resources to help plan your sprint

Resources for participating in a sprint

(needs updating for 2015, but this is a start)

Issues and Topics to Sprint On

Past global sprints

The curious might want to see the locations from 2014 and 2013.


I'll be mentoring at

opdavies's picture

I'll be mentoring at DrupalCamp Brighton.

Milano Drupal Spritn Weekend

pmarciano's picture

We'll be hosting the Sprint in Milan on January the 17th full day!

Sprint times are approaching!

YesCT's picture

Sprint times are approaching! :)

https://twitter.com/vaibhavjain_in/status/555720995500068865 started a good conversation on twitter about getting ready.

And we had a discussion about tagging issues: https://www.drupal.org/node/2407325

Please ask any questions here or on twitter or in #drupal-contribute.

Cathy Theys

For new sprinters

lizzjoy's picture

If anyone at a sprint is not yet granted the Trusted role, the best thing to do is file an issue like https://www.drupal.org/node/add/project-issue/webmasters?component=User%... and mention you are in a sprint. You can also put your issue link into IRC to help speed up the process.

DrupalCamp Brighton

opdavies's picture

I'm at DrupalCamp Brighton, so feel free to ask me if I'm in the sprint room.