D8 Accelerate Funds Still Available

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Good afternoon, everyone. Today I got an email from Holly from the DA. She indicated that they still have funds available to work on Drupal 8 release blockers as part of the D8 Accelerate program.

If you interested in applying, please let me know and I'll be happy to help and answer any questions you may have.


NHDevDays #3?

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Anyone want to try organizing a third NHDevDays event for somewhere in the state? This would be a great opportunity to help get a notable contributor to attend that might help draw others to the event.

Happy to help

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I'd be interested in helping in some way. Not sure I'd be able to run the sprint, but I'd be interested in volunteering my time. What is involved with organizing a sprint?

I'll be happy to help with

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I'll be happy to help with the grant application. Also, here is a great resource from the DA about organizing a sprint: https://youtu.be/DR-CrSM7s8I

Sounds good

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Thanks for helping with the application. I'll take a look at the video and see what kind of help I can be. If you can think of anything in the meantime I'm open to feedback. I am always interested in getting more involved with the Drupal community and other meetup type of activities, so I'd be willing to get any advice regarding things I can do as a new-ish Drupaler/web developer.

Thanks @peezy!

Hey all, Just to echo what

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Hey all,

Just to echo what Dan said -- we'd be happy to organize a sprint up here, but we'd need help with the process of actually running the sprint; i.e., how the issue queue works, committing, etc. Also, someone who's familiar with D8.

All those caveats aside, I'd be happy to help out in a supporting role, if someone could take the lead on actually running the sprint!

Christina and Dan, You may

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Christina and Dan,

You may want to consider touching base with Cottser and joelpittet. They may not personally be available to attend; however, they may be willing to connect you with a D8 core committer who would be able to attend.

Would you like for me to reach out to them?

I'd be ok with reaching out

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I'd be ok with reaching out to them. I'll ping them this week and let you guys know what they think.

Just sent a note to Cottser

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Just sent a note to Cottser with the link to this thread to get his thoughts as well. I guess I'd be really interested in organizing and making the sprint happen, but would feel better having people there who know D8 better than I do and who have the experience necessary to lead a sprint confidently. I think you all know me by now and know that I'm always happy to learn and do what I can. So with that, I'm open to suggestions and feedback. And hopefully we hear from Scott (Cottser) regarding a potential D8 core committer, etc.

Thanks everyone for your help and feedback.

Sounds good! Let me know when

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Sounds good! Let me know when you want to talk about the application and if there's anything else I can do to help.

Just to clear things up

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Just to clear things up neither myself nor Joël are core committers but we are core subsystem maintainers :)

I see at least a couple ways forward:

  1. Look at the critical queues and pick a target. From there, determine who you would want to bring in (and I can help with the last part).

  2. Determine who you want to bring in, and then pick a target. I'm not sure I can help as much with this approach other than vouching for you all :)

Thanks for chiming-in and for

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Thanks for chiming-in and for clarifying, @Cottser!

As of today, there are (only) 10 criticals that are not RTBC. One of them should look familiar. :)

No pressure, especially since I can't really help too much, but it may make sense to try and wrap-up the the SafeMarkup::set() issue. Keep in mind that I think some of the major issues that are part of the meta one were marked as postponed.

If you want to go another route (aka option 1 above), peruse that list of criticals and take @Cottser up on his offer to help determine who you would want to bring in.

For option 2, I know that @Daniel_Rose has connected to the Drupal Console folks. Perhaps one of them would be interested in coming to New England. If we could tie-in a presentation on Drupal Console to thier visit, I guarantee that if would be a big draw for folks.

New Hampshire

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