GCI task : Re-design Drupal.org's Front page

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I am a GCI student and one of the mentors asked me to post my submission onto this group so that all the community members can review this.

Please see the attached jpeg file.

UPDATE: File changed after changes. Please view again

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Nice work there! However, I have several suggestions on the design. First, I think it's a bit hard to discern which text are normal text and which text is a hyperlink (maybe you can play with color and style for this). Second, I think for several cta-s (Call-to-actions) button would work better than text. Thirdly, I think you need to make sub-titles / sub-heading stand out more than regular text (e.g in the footer). Thanks for working on this task :)

The search box

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Great job! But I think it should also has the search box (it's a wonderful tool).

Design suggestions

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Nice job Sudhan! But I would have to agree with the mentors above on some of the design suggestions. The text is fairly difficult to read and I believe that is most likely due to the background color and design. The logo could also use some color as it kind appears a bit bland at the moment. Keep up the great work!