Full day of D7 patch reviewing, debugging and codesprinting at Koumbit's office in Montreal

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2010-02-19 14:00 - 21:00 America/Montreal
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User group meeting

Howdy folks,

DrupalCon San Francisco is approaching fast and if D7 isn't out the door by then we're going to have a lot of disappointed people walking around. As of a few minutes ago D7 was showing 465 pending bugs, 189 critical issues, 1674 patches in the queue and 429 patches to review. In other words, there's a mountain of work left to do and we need to step up as (local) community to do whatever we can to help get D7 closer to the finish line.

With this goal in mind, Koumbit has decided to dedicate its entire team for the whole day on Friday, February 19th and we are challenging all the other serious Drupal shops to show up at our office to contribute to this effort.

If you are like us, you've barely had time to play around with D7, much less get your hands dirty under the hood. Well this is your chance to get a head start on all the others and, more importantly, to contribute in a meaningful sense to the advancement of the platform that we have all come to love so much.

Angela Byron (aka webchick) will be our guide us throughout this exciting adventure. The Montreal Drupal community has had the enormous privilege over the past few years to have her in our midst, sharing her vast knowledge and valuable insights with us. One can only imagine the immense stress that she has had to endure trying to rein in this ambitious release. It is time for us to demonstrate a little appreciation and solidarity by showing up in droves to make this the most productive Montreal meet-up ever.

Stay tuned for some prep notes.



Je chauffe ma tapette a bogues

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Ca me fera plaisir d'avoir l'opportunité d'ajouter mon 2 sous à D7.

Benoit Borrel

Je vais essayer de participer

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Je vais essayer de participer à distance.

Bonne initiative. :-)

Looking forward to it

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I will be there, representing McGill, and I'll probably be bringing a couple of colleagues with me.

Hit-list of stuff we could work on...

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How I was thinking this would go, rather than me running around like a madwoman for 12 hours trying to find something for every individual person to work on which is not really realistic ;), is we'd have a few different "stations" around the room. A station would embody a particular "itch" someone came in with, and those looking for stuff to work on could cluster around the person with said itch and help them scratch it. I did a similar thing informally at DrupalSouth and I think it worked out pretty well. It spread around the mentoring load, folks got to meet and work with others, learning a ton in the process, and we attacked some really gnarly Drupal issues, all while having tons of fun! :)

It obviously depends who all shows up and what their general interest level is, but here are some really important things on my radar that might also make good "stations". If you're coming, please feel free to propose your own! (Note: Some of this stuff sounds kind of lingo-y, but I can explain it all at the sprint.)

  • Documentation team:
    The documentation team has some starter tasks documented there, for those who show up and are not coders. Something that's particularly needed is "Rolling Comments" which involves taking a page from http://drupal.org/handbook/comments (recommend starting at the bottom and working your way up :)), and editing the pages to include extra info from the comments below, then notifying the docs team to remove the comment. There's a nice documentation style guide to help with writing.

  • Fixing the "undocumented API changes in Drupal 7" queue:
    These issues contain changes that have been committed to Drupal 7, but the developers never went back and documented in the module upgrade guide and theme upgrade guide. This station requires the ability to read and understand PHP, but not to be a super-coder. It's a great way to learn about Drupal 7 changes your modules/themes are going to have to make early, and help everyone else in the process!

  • Writing Coder Upgrade module rules:
    If people show up with some PHP coding skills and a bit of regex knowledge, this task entails taking the changes that are documented in the above list and writing rules for Coder Upgrade module with will automate the process of converting modules and themes Drupal 6 to Drupal 7, and if we had a bunch of people cranking on this it would be hugely beneficial to the community, and the momentum of Drupal 7 taking off.

  • Automated Tests:
    Another task for PHP developers is filling out Drupal 7's testing suite by polishing off some of the issues in that queue. Automated tests are basically code to check that your code is working the way it should be. :)This one is a lot of fun to tackle in pairs. I can give an overview of how everything works, and the best part of being at this station is these same test-writing skills can be used on the 6.x version of SimpleTest with your existing client projects.

As the time gets closer, I can probably also cherry-pick a couple of things off the critical issues list for Drupal 7 that would be good for folks to cram on. I just simply have no idea what's going to be in there in 2 weeks. ;)

I also realize there's nothing in my list for front-end developers (CSS, XHTML, JS), so I'll try and talk to some people and line up some tasks for that, but I'm not going to be able to lead anything on that, unfortunately. :(

So. Who else wants to bring stuff to work on? :)

Willing to work next Friday

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Hello, Bonjour

I have been reading you since I joined, (I documented by profile so you can have an idea of where I am coming from). Not a coder, but will help with documentation.

Francophone bilingue, vous pouvez aussi m'utiliser pour traduire de l'anglais vers le français. Je vous donne ma journée, j'apporterai mon portable.


Sounds great

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I'll see if I can't get some of our team out of the office for part of the day to work on it :)

Miriam Martz

timezone and anti-spam...

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I took the liberty of setting the correct timezone. I couldn't understand why my calendar was showing this even to start at 5 in the morning.

So, changed the timezone (what's up with the ordering, took me a little while to find Montreal in there), submit and guess what? Drupal thought I was sending a spam. This is getting silly, bordering on the annoying.

Oh, and I signed up too, but I'm not sure how my next week is gonna go. I'll try to be there.

On se voit vendredi

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Je représenterai Whisky Echo Bravo au sprint de vendredi!
Sylvain Aubé
Intégrateur Web
Whisky Echo Bravo

PS Y'a-t-il des gens intéressés par les deux premiers points de la liste, soit "Fixing the "undocumented API changes in Drupal 7" queue" et "Documentation team"?

wow! dernière minute

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Je viens juste d'apprendre la nouvelle à propos de ce code sprint. J'ai obtenu la bénédiction du boss, alors on se voit demain!

Gabriel Filion
Independant sysadmin

yay! plein de monde!

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yay! plein de monde!

Thanks for organizing this

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Thanks for organizing this guys. :)

Three of us are going to come up for a few hours in the morning. Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

Just a note on work craziness, etc.

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Despite a valiant effort to get all my work cleared off so I could spend all day here, that is probably not going to happen. :| So I will aim to be there for 10am, do a "how-to" song and dance around 10:30am to give people time to show up, and then stay until about 1:30pm, when I need to depart and go put out some fires. I'll try and get back later in the evening, if folks are still around, but that remains to be seen...

We should coordinate efforts in #drupal-contribute so that we can bring on some other helpers, and so I can continue to hang out from at home. ;)

I'm here...

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But signups are closed. :-(

Montreal, Quebec

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