Drupal in Canada BoF at DrupalCon NOLA

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I created a BoF at DrupalCon https://events.drupal.org/neworleans2016/bofs/drupal-canada

I am hoping to try and bring together more folks from Canada and rally the troops for getting more people involved in the DrupalNorth initiative.

With an inaugural success last year in Toronto we are continuing to build momentum with this years DrupalNorth in Montreal (http://www.drupalnorth.org/). I want to build it to be even bigger for when we celebrate it's 3rd anniversary in conjunction with Canada's 150th Anniversary, as we host DrupalNorth 2017 in Ottawa.

The BoF will focus on trying to connect Canadian Drupalers from across such a huge country in trying work together to showcase our talents and initiatives, and ideally put Canada on the map for a future DrupalCon.

Let's keep the momentum going and meetup at DrupalCon New Orleans!


I will be there. :)

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I will be there. :)