Help me find beautiful Drupal websites

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Can you send me examples of beautiful Drupal websites?

I hate it when this question comes up. I hate it because I inevitably & quickly find myself in a dead end - I can't seem to find any! And I don't mean nice ones or beautiful backends.

Sometimes I get this variant.

I want a modern looking website, you know like WordPress... can you do that with Drupal?

Is it just me? Am I too grumpy to appreciate a beauty when I see one? Or is there no such thing as a truly beautiful Drupal website?

If you had to suggest just one, which would it be?

p.s. I did look through various lists, including But I can't quite find the illusive gem(s) I'm looking for...


In november we did a website

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In november we did a website for bombardier buisness aircraft : with a very tight timeframe. Drupal is able to pretty much anything designer are comming up with with proper analysis.

Here are a few I worked on

Une autre approche

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Une autre approche est de partir d'un thème payant, pour ensuite l'adapter à ses besoins. Ca permet de bénéficier de tout le travail graphique, et de bâtir dessus.

Voici un exemple, mais il y a des centaines sur ThemeForest (celui-ci est 58$)

How about these...