New to Windows: Proper File Permissions for D8?

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Being new to Windows (and Drupal), i'm not familar with the proper setup for which user/group should have which permissions. The search results for "windows permissions" in the Drupal community seem to all refer to the file upload function, but i need guidance for all of the permissions.

Windows Server 2012
PHP 5_6

I think that when i was testing D7, that IUSR was the "owner" that i gave all the permissions to. In this D8 setup, I chose Application Pool Identity(?), but the only way i seem to be able to remove "unable to write" for the \sites\default\files and related folders is to allow all access to "everyone".

Should i be creating a specific user for this role? If so, where? I can't seem to find this information anywhere for windows use. Thank you.


Nobody is using Drupal on Windows?!?

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There's gotta be someone...

It's been about 2 years since

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It's been about 2 years since I switched from Unix to Windows but I recall seeing posts in this group or elsewhere about permissions. I was never able to get it working with a traditional installation, I had to use the Acquia(?) package to install it. I think I did have to change permissions somewhere, but can't recall any details.

I'm still on D7, though, and a brief experiment with D8 installation didn't go well.

There are several docs on the

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There are several docs on the internet explaining how FastCGI works on IIS and the process model identity management (including the possible configuration options).

There are several approaches at identity management for FastCGI on IIS, there is no closed answer for this.