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Si Slack est ton truc, ou si tu aime traîner en ligne et chatter avec des Drupalistas, rejoins notre Slack team.

If Slack is your thing, or if you like to hangout and chat with Drupalistas, join our Slack team.

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There is already a Drupal Slack

Wouldnt it be better to join the global community there?

We can create a new channel #drupal-montreal :)

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Le slack Drupal France
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We are not the DA

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The Drupal Slack instance is tied to the Drupal Association... we are, legally speaking, Association Drupal de Montréal. So it makes sense for us to have our own records of the chats and separate infrastructure in my opinion.

I personally don't have an account there because I don't want to receive updates from everyone in the Drupal community, and I don't use IRC for the same reason. I am also strongly opposed to the actions that were taken against various members of the community that has become a controversy in recent weeks.

We are our own community, and we can certainly play nice with the DA, but we don't have to be like US-based camps that are beholden to the DA's leadership and/or bank accounts.

It's standard practice

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We're not alone; several other regional groups and other communities also run their own slack instance:

In practical terms, this allows us to keep a history of the conversations in our channels, since slack instances using the free tier (such as have a global limit of 10k saved messages. The history search on large, shared slack instances like that is almost useless (thus reducing slack's featureset to something closely resembling IRC -- but that's another conversation).


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I agree with both of you @ryan @mvc
I wanted to read what were your arguments for creating a separate group / chat.
I am also strongly opposed to recent actions taken against members of the community.

However, I would still prefer to have a single Slack to chat with the whole worldwide community.

It is nice to be able to chat with all groups from all over the world from within the same Slack.

In my opinion, it is much better to have a single entry point, just like how we log into the same website everyday :)

Rejoignez-moi sur :
Le slack Drupal France
ou sur Twitter @MatthieuScarset

Montreal, Quebec

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