Google Code-In 2017-18 is NOW!

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The Google Code-In contest for students ages 13-17 has started and will end January 17th 2018. If you see any of these new students/contributors in issue queue, please help these students out a bit if they ask too basic of questions or at least point them in the proper direction.

Any mentors approving tasks, before you approve any tasks, verify the student has read our documentation which clearly states a few things. Example, student needs to register an account on d.o, join our gdo, and attribute d.o profiel to GCI. If the student has not completed these steps, the student never read our docs, and the task should be failed until this is complete.

New GCI Student docs @

Please contact myself (Slurpee) if you have any questions or want to help mentor.



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GCI Almost Over!

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Heads up students! GCI is almost over. Thanks for participating. This has been a wonderful year of working with our newest contributors.

Monday, January 15th 17:00 UTC - Deadline for students to claim their final task

Wednesday, January 17th 17:00 UTC - Deadline for students to submit their work - you can not request additional work after this deadline