Write a blog about 'What Open-Source is all about?'

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Hi, I want a help to make some improvements in my blog
Here is the link :https://opensourceorg.blogspot.in/
hope you will help me with this


Hi Sirish, fellow GCI student

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Hi Sirish, fellow GCI student here. I want to say that please refrain from posting your tasks here, not a good practice. If you have any queries, we are there on IRC or you can talk to your mentors directly through comments in the GCI web app. I hope you understand :)

Please chat on IRC. I am

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Please chat on IRC. I am there for you, Sirish.

As said by the above

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As said by the above commenters, feel free to ask such things on IRC. We are happy to help :)

Google Code-In contest

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Sir here I am sharing the link of my blog.
I am participating in this contest for the first time .
Hope mistakes done would be forgiven.
Please check the above link and recommend changes if required.

Refer to documentation

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You are NOT to submit the task on drupal.org and are requested to remove it. Please head over to your Google Code-in Dashboard and upload it there. Please read the documentation for GCI students.
Link to page: https://www.drupal.org/node/984014

Thank you

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Ok sir.

I am Also Working On This Project

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I am also Working On This Project.
My Link To Blogspot page is https://blogaboutopensource.blogspot.in/2017/12/what-open-source-is-all-...

Anuj, please refrain from

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Anuj, please refrain from posting you tasks on this group. If you have any query, contact your mentors through IRC or GCI Web app. Do watch this before starting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39r7JWA8VG8

GCI Video does not work

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Hi guys!
The link given for the GCI video for Drupal does not work. Does anyone know the correct link to be accessed? Please share it.


Old Video

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https://goo.gl/4Qa1MP Here you go!