Drupal Dojo sessions: Drupal 7 Fundamentals

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Title: Drupal 7 Fundamentals
Status: Commencing April 2010
Format: Weekly webcasts mixed with ongoing workshops, tutorials, and documentation.
Producers: Open Learning Labs
Organizers: Doug Vann (dougvann), Gus Austin (gusaus), Stacy Wray (stacywray), and a rotating cast of community mentors.
Description: An introductory track that covers the ins and outs of Drupal 7. The course will cover everything from creating new content types, adding images, creating custom user profiles, managing users, and more..
When: TBD


Outline subject to change...

  • Overview of Drupal 7
  • Installing Drupal
  • How to create content w/ CCK
  • Using views
  • Configuring and modifying Drupal themes
  • Choosing the right modules for your site
  • How to best maintain and upgrade your Drupal site



Focusing on advancing Drupal 7

gusaus's picture

With our 'Building With Drupal' track (http://groups.drupal.org/node/52023) filling up with advanced/niche topics, we've decided to launch an additional series geared towards newcomers to the community. In addition to producing a series of screencasts, we will be directing attention/resources to Drupal 7 development, theming, and documentation.

The wiki contains a basic outline of topics that will be refined based on feedback and needs of the community. If you have a suggestion, would like to present, or mentor, don't hesitate to revise the wiki or comment in this thread.


Gus Austin

another suggestion

Techivist's picture

What about giving a brief rundown of some of the differences between D6 & D7? Some of the newcomers to Drupal will be familiar w/some of the things in D6 but I think it's key that we provide a resource on getting them up to speed on some of the differences that D7 will introduce.

I can also help out w/this presentation.


Miguel Hernandez - www.migshouse.com
Founder & CEO - The OpenMindz Group
Writer- Linux Journal & TechZulu

First session tomorrow

gusaus's picture

Doug Vann will be kicking off this series tomorrow (http://groups.drupal.org/node/60003). Probably would be a good time to rundown the differences between D6 & 7 and also direct people to ways they can help get D7 released (http://drupal.org/drupal-7.0-alpha3).

Any other thoughts, ideas, suggestions?

Gus Austin

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