Selling Drupal 7 now: How, possibly the largest Drupal site ever, is migrating from Coldfusion to Drupal 7

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2010-04-08 13:00 America/New_York
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User group meeting

Hi, with every Drupal release there is a big question about when the next release of Drupal will be ready for big sites. Come learn about how is migrating their site, and particularly how they are migrating their data to Drupal 7.

Here's the details:

With over 21,000 content contributors, has enjoyed some of the fastest year-over-year growth of any online media company. has grown tremendously, both in the scope of functionality and the communities it covers, with over 100 markets throughout North America.

Behind the scenes, the massive production of news content has been facilitated through custom-coded Cold Fusion pages, and SQL Server databases. As with many fast-growing online ventures, began to face challenges caused by its own success. With’s entire business model dependent on substantial volumes of content, the management team decided to engage in careful planning for change, followed by swift action. If your business is being held back by inefficient systems and you are evaluating Drupal 7 as a solution, you will not want to miss this Webinar.

The Webinar, hosted by Drupal experts from, and Cyrve will explore the technology migration challenges and the Drupal solutions implemented to date.

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* Why was Drupal 7 selected as the ideal platform for continued growth and innovation?
* What are the key steps required to plan for a successful transition to Drupal 7 – people, process and technology
* What are the key Drupal 7 features that have made the data migration swift and efficient?
* How Clarity Media Group intends to leverage its Drupal solution as a game-changer for the entire online news media market.