DrupalCon 2012 North America

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Vote for the only Florida city in contention for DrupalCon 2012 North America: Miami



Orlando Represent!

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You can write in your own city :-)


I've been wondering why

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I've been wondering why Orlando hasn't hosted one yet. (Well, aside from the fact that the convention center is miles away from downtown.) I still think it should be here :)

DrupalCon in Orlando

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I have never been to a DrupalCon, but I've attended other technical conventions here. I know this much - county leaders, hotels, attractions, and visitor bureaus would love the demographics that a gathering like DrupalCon would bring. They might even commit some money or facilities to bring it here.

Here are some questions that we need to answer first:

How many people normally attend a DrupalCon? Anything more than 1,000 tech types would peak their interest. Yes, the convention center would be ideal, but if the group is less than 2,000, we could use the Rosen Center, UCF, or somewhere else.

What's the average income of those attending? Are they employees or do they own their own businesses?

If we get the answers to those questions, we might be able to get people to help us host it here.


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Obob, DrupalCon SanFran had 3,000 people, the biggest so far. By 2012 it probably could be 5,000+ at the rate Drupal is growing. I would say it's a mix of freelancers or self-employed, and some corporate. Don't know if they have avg income stats or not, I don't remember ever being asked that.

What we need right now is to have as many people as possible do the survey and write in Orlando. THat was we can at least get on the Association's radar.


I put my vote in for Orlando

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I put my vote in for Orlando too. It really would make great sense for it to be here since we have such great weather all year round!

Andrew, I just heard about your five minute module podcast on the drupaleasy podcast. Great job!

I mentioned this to Mike

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I mentioned this to Mike while we were in SF. It's unconscionable that it wasn't listed among those other cities and I am perfectly willing to commit time to pulling together a proposal if we knew how to get in consideration.

Don VanDemark
Agile Process Manager, Blue Shield of California


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Yeah, I'm not sure how Orlando was left off that list as well. The best thing we can do at this point is to spread the word about the survey and encourage people to write in "Orlando, FL". The URL for the survey is:


I'll post something about this on the @fldrupalcamp twitter feed. Let's all use the "#orlandodrupalcon" hashtag and see what we can do.



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Mike, do we have email addresses for all the attendees to FL Drupal Camp? Maybe an email blitz to get the word out for a write-in campaign?



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Actually - I don't. Andrew handled all the EventBrite stuff.

Andrew: do we have the ability to send a mass email to everyone who registered for Florida DrupalCamp?


I voted

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I picked Miami but wrote in Orlando. Who knows? Maybe it will at least get the right people thinking about it.

How about a logo for the

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How about a logo for the effort?

Only local images are allowed.

If anyone wants to modify it, I have a full .psd with layers intact. I'm not pleased with the font for the text.

Edit: The text now says Orlando. Thanks John!

You can download the .psd file here

Had a few minutes...

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Hope it's OK that I tossed this together. I was thinking for those outside of Florida, seeing a logo with a little more "playful" feel to it might be appealing. The sand and sky could easily be continued horizontally for a nice header section background. Just a thought :)


Only local images are allowed.


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I wouldn't mind playing around with the logo.


Love It!

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Except if we're trying to promote Orlando over Miami, "DrupalCon Orlando 2012" should be the text?


city selection process

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The process was led off by the events organizing company, who know our needs and picked cities that match those needs.

I empathize with your enthusiasm, but part of our goal with this process is to select cities with strong Drupal enthusiasm that are also known to be solid cities for hosting a large conference. That second criteria is going to be judged by the professional event organizers.

See http://groups.drupal.org/node/82414 for more details (if you haven't already).

Greg, with all due respect,

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Greg, with all due respect, your statement defines why Orlando should've been a candidate. It is the #2 city in the U.S. behind Las Vegas in conferences and Orlando has been the home for DrupalCamp Florida the last couple of years. That doesn't denigrate from Miami at all; part of it is the central location of Orlando in Florida but Orlando is easily as large in Drupal support as is Miami.

Don VanDemark
Agile Process Manager, Blue Shield of California

As much as I wish the

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As much as I wish the DrupalCon committee was considering Orlando, Mike and I talked to Jacob Redding of the Drupal Association about the reasons why Orlando is less than optimal for a Drupal conference bigger than the ones held in DC and San Fran.

While Orlando is a very popular conference location, it's very spread out. You have to take buses or cars from hotels, and the "strip" is actually dozens of miles - stretching from Kissimmee to South Orlando, and miles East and West. Our success was actually our undoing.

Thanks for that, Ryan. That

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Thanks for that, Ryan. That sounds like a more reasonable explanation. I may not agree that it is a reason to not consider a place, but I can understand the logic better.

Don VanDemark
Agile Process Manager, Blue Shield of California

I, for one, am very happy

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I, for one, am very happy Miami made the list. I'd already previously decided to myself that Miami should host a DrupalCon and that I want to do all I can to help make it happen, and I'd shared the idea with a few others. Miami is a very appealing destination, has world class conference facilities, many venue and lodging options and therefore relatively good rates, is home to many businesses, and is a hub for Latin America. Of course, the winter weather and beaches make it all the more appealing. As a biased Miami resident (but only for 1.5 years after moving from NYC), I think Miami is the better South Florida destination for a DrupalCon. Our local community is growing as well (www.drupalmiami.org will soon have more).

I'm excited for DrupalCon Miami in the next few years, and I pledge to help any way I can.



It looks good to me. I don't

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It looks good to me. I don't mind in the least. How about the state on the right and some dimples on the druplicon to make it look more like an orange? I would do it but I don't have my computer available right now.


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