How to Display CCK Field Contents?

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I'm trying to theme a new content type. I have the node-movie.tpl.php file. I want to display the contents of my field_theater CCK entry. I try the following, but just get a blank:

<?php print $theater; ?>

However, if I try to display the node's title, using the same line, the node's title displays. What am I missing?


I think you need to edit an

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I think you need to edit an openpublish_core/theme_helpers/ file to provide the variable to the node-movie.tpl.php file. You could copy the .inc file from a similar content type if does not exist and add the variable. For example:

['theater'] = $vars['field_theater'][0]['value'];

This makes available the $theater variable to the tpl.php file. If you look at the top of an openpublish_theme/node/*.tpl.php file you will see a list of available variables. This is where they came from.

Have you got the solution to display CCK field?

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@ithacaindy - Are you able to display CCk entry?

I have tried solution by @sapark also, no luck.

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I think what needs to be

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I think what needs to be checked is if you are displaying the fields in your content (content types).

Yes, i am displaying

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Yes, i am displaying those fields in new content type

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