Distcha, an accessible Captcha

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Has anyone considered implementing Distcha ?

Distcha is an accessible Captcha shown here :


It is a very promising new way of providing an accessible captcha.


Example failing ...

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First basic problem occured at the demo.

Just disable javascript in your webbrowser and you can submit the form succesfully!

Work in progress

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Hi there,

Glad to see you are finding interest in our little experiment. :)

However, it is far form ready for implementation yet. We've only worked on this proof of concept for about 5 or 6 hours so far, there's still a lot of improvements to be made. One of which would be to test proof against disabled javascript, but generally speaking, improvement security and accessibility on some platforms/user agents.

I would not recommend using it at this point as it's not a viable solution yet. We expect to launch a much more robust solution by december of this year, as part of the Web Experiment Toolkit (government of Canada): http://tbs-sct.ircan.gc.ca/projects/gcwwwcaptcha

Please feel free to comment or share thoughts on DISTCHA if oyu like. All feedback helps us turn this into an efficient CAPTCHA killer.

Denis Boudreau

How's the progress going?

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It seems like a very interesting idea. Will be great to have a DISTCHA module for Drupal 6 & 7 early in 2011.

DISTCHA progress

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Progress is coming along just fine. Thanks for asking.

We have been invited to develop the concept within the boundaries of the Web Experience Toolkit (WET) and wil post a new version solving most problems encountered within two weeks (before december 16th). It will then be opended to testing and suggestions, in order to come up with yet another version by January so it makes it into the next version of WET.

All changes will be posted here (and spammed on Twitter of course): http://tbs-sct.ircan.gc.ca/projects/gcwwwcaptcha

It'd be great to see Drupal modules. Really.

Denis Boudreau


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