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Many Drupal projects are using Puppet for management of environments and setup of key Drupal pre-requisities (e.g. Apache, MySQL). Much of this work is duplicated across projects, causing time to be wasted and money lost on configuration of common services. This group is to discuss the creation of common Puppet modules to manage these services and to get Drupal projects up and running faster, particularly in enterprise and cloud environments.

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Remove this group in favor of DevOps group

Also recently started, the DevOps group looks like it's gained a lot of traction quickly. Topically it will include Puppet discussion - http://groups.drupal.org/devops

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Add one field to hook__views_data()

i am trying to develop a drupal module which wants a default view. Already there is a group called test which contain 2 fields. i want to add one more field to that group from my module. I tried this code. but it gives an array field and structure broken .

function myhook_views_data() {
$data['test']['table']['group'] = t('test');
$data['test']['table']['base'] = array(
'field' => 'view_name',
'title' => t('test data'),
'help' => t("test data help."),
'weight' => -10,
return $data;
how can i do this?? Pls help me

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