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Welcome to the Project Management Module Working Group

This group is for discussing topics about the Project Management Module that go beyond the standard issues queue

  • The long term direction of PM
  • Sharing implementation problems and successes
  • Asking support questions

A few useful resources: Useful Project Management Module Links, Helping with PM

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Drupal PM - still under active development?

Hi, I am new to this module and have been investigating using Drupal for PM overall. I noticed the demo site on is down. Is this module under active development for D8? If not, what are people using these days to meet the PM needs using Drupal?

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Support for Project Management Module

Hello there,

I would like to suggest a better support board or at least a centralized source of documentation. Actually, this module is under heavy developement - great! But there is simply no easy way to access any documentation, so I guess many will just give up on this module before unlocking the full potential of the module.

The User Guide:

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Calling designers

Hi everyone,

I'd really like to create a visual identify for Project Management, to be able to better promote it on the web.

Just wondering if anyone here would be able to help?

(I am rubbish at this type of task).


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Release Planning

It is exciting to think that we are just a couple of bugs away from releasing an alpha of Project Management for Drupal 7.


Given this, I wanted to take this opportunity to start a discussion on how we manage releases for Project Management.

Project Management software is business critical, and users need to know that we are serious about releasing good quality, stable, trusted software.

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Spreading the word about the Project Management Module - Alpha

We are getting tantalisingly close to an alpha release of Project Management, and given that this brings us into the realm of official releases, I believe that it is a good time to try to spread the word and get a few more eyes on PM.

I will do my best via:
- My blog (, posts to Drupal Planet)
- PM homepage (
- PM email list (
- PM twitter feed (

What other ways can we get the word out.

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Revamping Dashboard for PM.

Dashboards often provide at-a-glance views of KPIs (key performance indicators) relevant to a particular objective or business process (e.g. sales, marketing, human resources, or production).

- Wikipedia ( )

Current Scenario:

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Patch Review Guidelines

Given the increased pace of development on Project Management, and the speed with which we're approaching official releases, I think it may be helpful to put down on paper the things that I'm using to review patches.

Hopefully by sharing this publicly, it will help us have an efficient queue.

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An Installation Profile for PM

An installation profile would very much help new users to set up PM.

It can provide an out of the box experience, which would greatly enhance user experience.

But a poorly planned installation profile which has nothing but the main modules and its dependency is not enough.

So i'd like to start a discussion on features that you had added to storm after you enabled the main module. We can cherry pick from these features and try to include them with the installation profile.

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Looking for a Storm/PM demonstration from active site

We're considering Storm/PM for ticket tracking and project management. We are standing up our own site to play around with it, but it would be really informative if someone actively managing a site would be willing to show it off to us. Would anyone in this group be willing? Thanks.

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What should be the priority? Relevant Discussion on Drupal.Org Issue is

Port 'PM Vista' Theme for D6
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Continue the plan to contribute to 'PM Vista' and 'PM Module'
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Total votes: 5
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