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Dynamic Redirects

I'm working on a module that needs to create dynamic redirects. For starters, I've installed the Redirect module, which allows me to create static redirects via the admin panel (and API for further development). I'm finding that although it does redirect to external sites, it only redirects within the current window and I'd like the redirect to occur in a new window. I'm thinking this may require some javascript script as well, but maybe I'm missing something or another module is better suited to my needs.

Seeking thoughts and advice from the group.......

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New window notifier

Do you know of a module that displays an image for links that open new windows? We're using External Links, but it uses a background image for this via CSS. To my knowledge, screen readers don't see background images. Also, the background image doesn't allow for alternate text.

According to the accessibility gurus at WebAIM, "users ought to be alerted when the link does not open in the current window or frame. The accessibility issue is that some users can get confused with the new windows." http://webaim.org/techniques/hypertext/hypertext_links#new_window

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Caching of the external links

I'm looking for a way to cache external pages, references in the wiki nodes.
Does anyone have a suggestion on this?

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