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Página en blanco al redireccionar


Estoy realizando un sitio web utilizando el modulo rules, al momento de agregar una condición de reedirección todos los usuarios se van a la portada.

Sin embargo cuando el admin se logea y redirecciona cae en una página en blanco. Revisamos el log de Ngix y no se ve ningún problema. Mis sospechas es que sea falta de memoria del servidor.

Alguien ha pasado por algo similar?


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Redirect module doesn't works on nginx

I all,

First of all EXCUSE ME guys, I'm here after no success in other places like

but I'm desperately looking for an answer. And the first knot to be untied is if my issue is due to a module incompatibility (redirect module) or a simple missing vhost configuration in nginx.


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Hi All,

I know this is me missing something, so please bear with me. I have been using Apache for years and have decided to take the plunge to Nginx. I have set it up and it works fine. The problem comes when I want to use SSL.

I want to make it so that you have to login via HTTPS and once logged in it keeps you on HTTPS. I have done this under Apache lots of times so didn't think it would be an issue.

Anyway, I created my config files, pointed the browser to and it worked fine. You enter your login details, and it then goes back to http.

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module to count redirects in Google Analytics

I wrote an extension for the Redirect module that sends page views to GA using PHP, so no page load is required in a browser. I haven't been able to find another module that works this way, but I think it might be useful for people that need to manage redirects and capture users hitting those URLs.

Does anyone know if there is a module around already that does this? Or, if not, would anyone find it useful?

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Dynamic Redirects

I'm working on a module that needs to create dynamic redirects. For starters, I've installed the Redirect module, which allows me to create static redirects via the admin panel (and API for further development). I'm finding that although it does redirect to external sites, it only redirects within the current window and I'd like the redirect to occur in a new window. I'm thinking this may require some javascript script as well, but maybe I'm missing something or another module is better suited to my needs.

Seeking thoughts and advice from the group.......

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Input requested from MultiLink users

This post relates to MultiLink and more specifically to the issue at

As I'm trying to plan a D7 version and would like to finalise functionality, I'd like to get some input from users here (rather than the issue queue, so as to reach a wider audience and maybe use a poll here.)

So, the big issue is to establish the "correct" way sending the user to a suitable page, considering both site language and content language, and trying to choose the "best" combination based on user language preferences.

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help required using .htaccess to do a 301 redirect


I have a page with a URL alias that had a spelling mistake. I want to fix it but I also don't want to lose the traffic that has been coming to the site via the misspelt alias. So I added the following line to my .htaccess file just below Drupal's rewrite rules:
  redirect 301 /Hampton-Court-SA

This would have worked except for the fact that Drupal seemingly adds a query string at the end so the redirect then fails. The URL in the browser ends up being this:

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How to create new URL aliases for _all_ nodes and still keeping existing URLs working

short version:

I am looking for guidance on creating new URL aliases on all nodes to meet Google News URL specs ( ). Existing URLs need to continue (I think the term here is 'redirected'). Site is Drupal 5.x with Pathauto already running. Thoughts? Issues? Ref links? :)

Longer version

Current setup: I use Drupal 5.x and have had Pathauto (using 5.x-2.2 currently) installed for a year or two.

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How to redirect to a certain URL if a page returns an "access denied" message?


I think this problem can be solved with the rules module but I don't know how. I hope some one can help me on this one :-)

Current state:
- I've created a page with the panels module. This page is available at "[uid]/friends" (so each user has his own "My Friends Page").
- User A tries to view the "Friends Page" of User B.
- If User A has no rights to view this page (i.e. they've no friends-relationship with each other) he will get an "Access Denied" Message. This is not very user-friendly.

Target state:

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Rules and Redirect with condition (with Ubercart)

Hi there,

my customer wants a custom redirect for users who login. These users should be redirected to a view with new products (the site uses ubercart for the shop). As he also wants no anonymous checkout in ubercart I have a problem. Usually when an anonymous user wants to check out, the login/registration site is displayed - after the login, the shop proceeds to checkout. Now, with my redirection rule, it's like that: Each time a user proceeds from cart to checkout and does the login, the triggered rule with the redirect is executed and the user gets to the new products page.

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