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Tutorial for using Nginx in front of Apache and mod_php, to serve static files?

Hello all! I've been looking through this group's discussions, and am very thankful for all the help and advice. Here's my situation: I recently moved from shared hosting to a VPS ( I'm a relatively competent with html/css/php, etc., but am fairly noobish when it comes to the whole server side of things. I can find information, and follow and adapt tutorials, but have a hard time knowing how to hack things out from scratch.

So I've set up my VPS running Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic) with Apache2, mysql, and php, and have my vhosts up and running with drupal. What I want to do now is set Nginx up as a static file server, leaving dynamic content to Apache and mod_php. I just haven't been able to find a comprehensive tutorial for how to do that, taking drupal into account (specifially, image_cache and boost). Basically what I'm looking for is this:

But geared towards Nginx instead of Lighttpd (because of the memory leak issues I've read about). Can anyone point me towards some good resources to help me get this set up?

Thanks a ton!

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