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Open Letter

I thought I'd form a sort of target page to direct the assorted maintainers that have been listed in the Dupes. Just to ping into all their respective queues in a polite manner.

As opposed to Various attempts to compare enumerate, tabulate and choose between available modules and features, I think we should be encouraging these developers to merge efforts or voluntarily retire their modules in favor of more consistant solutions.

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Module development guidelines and checklists

Drupal 7 has introduced a much better user experience, especially for site builders and content administrators. The much clearer separation between backend and frontend is one example from a long list of improvements.

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Buyers guide - The checklist

I have put together the first revision based on the discussion we had at the How to buy Drupal workshop at Drupal Camp Copenhagen.

This is a initial list that will need a lot of work until we have complete set of guidelines clients can use to review their choice of Drupal provider.

Contributing to Drupal

In what way(s) are the provider contributing to Drupal and in what ways are you as a client/user willing to contribute work back to the Drupal community

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Policy on crediting sponsors?

I'm wondering if there's any official policy regarding crediting sponsors on G.D.O. - Could an individual credit sponsors in such a way as is displayed here?. Obviously there would have to be some guidelines if such a thing were allowed.

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Drupal Human Interface guidelines? Are we ready?

The topic says it all - I want us to consider if we might be ready to implement the Human Interface Guidelines into Drupal themes. First and foremost within Drupal core themes and modules.

These guidelines might include:

  • Standardized input/output messages
  • Layouts of menus
  • Menu structures
  • help and manuals
  • Page layouts
  • Semantics
  • name'em grandma!
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Some useful links

Maybe having a list of links related to this group´s target would be useful:

Discussions and Resources

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