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Open Letter

I thought I'd form a sort of target page to direct the assorted maintainers that have been listed in the Dupes. Just to ping into all their respective queues in a polite manner.

As opposed to Various attempts to compare enumerate, tabulate and choose between available modules and features, I think we should be encouraging these developers to merge efforts or voluntarily retire their modules in favor of more consistant solutions.

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Въпрос, свързан с http & https duplicate content и ползването на Meta tag (nodewords) module за canonical urls

Здравейте, това ми е първият постинг тук (макар че честно казано не знам дали тук му е мястото). Новак съм с Друпал и имам следия въпрос, чието решение ми трябва спешно. Имаме eCommerce клиент, чийто сайт, изграден на Друпал 6, оптимизираме.

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Unpublish node when other node with same title is created

I am building a site which depends on user-created content. In order to encourage users to contribute, I have a node type called Suggestion, which has a title field and nothing else. On my frontpage a list of these suggestions is displayed.

Now, When a user creates a Page with a title that matches one of the suggestions, I want that Suggestion to be automatically unpublished.

So the steps are:

Page is created

Title of created Page equals title of existing Suggestion

Unpublish existing Suggestion

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?q parameter

I just discovered an unfortunate function in Drupal 5.x (Drupal 5.20) which creates multiple content in Google.


Where Drupal is an url alias.

are offcourse the same but google catches both and indexes them.

adding Disallow: /?q= to robots.txt wil block these multiple urls.

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<link> tag to reduce duplicate content

I just came across an article on www.websitemagazine.com about <link> tags being used to minimize the problem of duplicate content. Anyone know of a module or manageable techinique to add URL information to the header within a <link> tag?

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Duplicate content issues

Hey folks,

just joined here and know quite a bit about SEO already, implementing Drupal sine 4.6

One of my major issues & concerns still is, that altough we have path_alias and path_auto to create nice paths for us,
they are only aliases for the original nodes...

This means the aliases are STILL accessible, so we get multiple urls like these two in a simple node alias


effective today one could start to rank for both pages, as the "old" node path is not redirected properly (with a 301) to the alias. This could also mean that the "good" path (which does convert better, is better memorized ) could be burried in the SERPs

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