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SQLSrv Driver + Organic Subgroup Creation = Rollback to Savepoint error

I just tried to create a sub-group using the Organic Groups module, and I received the same error that I received several months ago when I replied to an issue report on drupal.org. I found another related issue report referencing a possible fix, but the patch didn't work for me.

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How to add user to some group during registration AUTOMATICALLY


Have some kind of "default" group, and want user to became user of this group automatically during new user registration.
There is a similar module, but I want full automation.

How to write a rule for that?

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How is OG Group info block displayed if the post belongs to multiple groups?

Just a test.

the question is: if a post belongs to 2 or more groups, how to display info of both groups? Or how to choose which is "primary" if groups are selected as on groups.drupal.org - from multiselect?

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Organic Groups Analytics

Hey guys,

I've released some preliminary code that integrates fully with OG (Drupal6) and provides analytics extension for each group.

At the moment you get out of the box a very minimal dashboard view and downloads report. A few points to note:
1. The architecture was built to be modular so that every module can extend or create it's own new reports.
2. It is based on Google's Chart API (the new one, not the old static image charts, and due to that it is also fully ajaxed or REST if so to say).

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Debugging issue with OG data not being set correctly (disappearing content)

We're implementing OS and after successfully setting up and theming 1 profile, we started creating more and pre-populating them with publication data.

After more profiles were created, all new content is no longer associated with the correct scholar site or organic group. True for bios, publications, whatever. They all show up in the content list, but not in the site. On inspecting the data, the nodes aren't getting placed in the og_ancestry table. If this mysql entry is inserted by hand the content will show up fine.

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How to automatically add user to "default" organic group during registration?


Have a question about OG 7.2 and Rules

For example:

Have a community built on OG, and want that every new member of site to be automatically added to some specific group (like "Security and other important announcements") during registration.

Lets assume, that group "Security and other important announcements" is node/1

I cannot find in Rules interface how to do this. I should be simple, as there is event "User is validated" and action "Subscribe user to group" but still do not understand data selector.

Which one to choose?

Thank you in advance.

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Display OG 7.2 content without Panels? Display Suite?


Pretty new to OG "ecosystem", have one question for more experienced:

What is the best way to display group pages without Panels?
My reasons are that personally do not like Panels also it is too heavy for current project, also saw some screencasts - most are made for 6.x or 7.1 and there are some differences & small annoying bugs.

So, my first thought is to use some module to attach view to group content type and use Display Suite.

Is it the correct way?

What are the alternatives?

Lest assume, that I am building groups.drupal.org clone.

p.s. Newbie to OG...

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How to get a custom group field with Views?


I was looking for a way to retrieve a custom field from a group in a view?

For example, I have my Group content type in which I added a custom field (say the «Group Color» field).

Then, I wanted to build a view in which I could show the current node's group «Group Color» field. I was able to retrieve the current node's group ID, but not the custom field.

I built the view showing any type of node and used the OG Groups relationships to ge the current node's group ID.

Anybody has an Idea on how to do this?

Thank you,


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D7 Commerce, Rules, and OG | purkiss ltd. / open for organisations

Employment type: 

We're a small virtual team of Drupal architects, developers, and themers - and all contributors to the Drupal project. We work with Drupal to provide innovative solutions to blue chips and startups. One of our current projects is for a funded startup providing a new payment method and we are looking for someone to join the team.

We are currently looking for someone with experience of Drupal 7 Commerce, Rules, and OG development who is a self-starter and can quickly get up to speed on our project.

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Access a node into a group without being group member and having a special role.

Hello everybody

I'm using OpenAtrium, I think it's 1.0, but not sure.

I need a user with special profile to access a node into a group without being group member. Is that possible?

In short my code gives groups and "my_content_type" a grant called "my_realm" with gid 1.
hook_node_grants() gives each user with "my_special_role" a grant called "my_realm" with gid 1.

As far as I know that should give access user to node, isn't it?

I added this code, but it's not working:


* hook_node_grants()

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