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Help get menus ready for book!

Calling all dojo members- do you want to see an updated version of book module ready for Drupal 6?

The new back-end (and parts of the UI) will only be possible if this patch for the menu system gets committed: (In fact without this patch, menu module won't work, so it's doubly important.)

Please take a little time and try this new code out. Both functional and code-level reviews would be greatly appreciated. Apply the patch to a clean checkout of HEAD, before you install the DB.

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Seen Any Good UI Lately?

In the quest to bring book.module to the next level as outline.module in Drupal 6.0, we're confronting some UI questions. Currently the form for adding a post to a book hierarchy becomes unworkable for sites with lots of book nodes (e.g. We need something more innovative than a simple dropdown for this new release. But what?

I'm a big believer in taking advantage of the state of the art, and I know there's a lot of interesting stuff out there online already.

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