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Ajax in Drupal via jQuery by Example

I am writting becasue I have been working on a module that utilizes Ajax in Drupal via jQuery called "ActiveField".
The module is somewhat unique from other examples that I have seen in that:
1. It works with CCK content types while they are being created (i.e. before they are persisted to the database)
2. It works with existing themes and does not have it's own theme

The module is documented at: http://www.sageofcode.com/?p=59

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Lesson #35 - Leveraging the AHAH capabilities in Drupal 6

2007-11-11 10:45 - 11:45 Etc/GMT

This week in the Dojo, quicksketch will introduce the AHAH framework (think Ajax) in Drupal 6. The framework allows developers to build forms that dynamically change, without writing any new javascript. Come see examples of AHAH in core, and how you can AHAH enable contributed modules, such as adding a "More" fields button.

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