Advance Search Form with Views and CCK fields

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How to create Book based search in drupal 7.

Hi I want to know is there any way to create book based search.
If i have two books of content type book and want to set up a search which should be book based that is it should have filter where we can select book1 and book2.
As this need comes because in both the books there are some similar content and when
user is searching then the results are showing from both the books.
I tried several modules but all are Content Type based search provider and not book based.

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Advance Search Form with Views and CCK fields

Hi All,

I am looking for Advance search module that'll expose CCK fields for search. I know using Views2 we can expose the CCK fields as a filter. However its not possible to convert CCK text fields as checkboxes. For e.g. I have added and exposed filter of group Search (Search: Search Terms). To assist I want to add 2 check-boxes like search in Title and/or Description which are CCK Text fields. I couldn't find way to change them as check-boxes with functionality search in Title and/or Description CCK fields.

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