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What's Next for CMD? your input needed

A portion of the active conversation around the Community Media Drupal Project has moved over to a Slack group over the past month. In the true spirit of open source this is a less than ideal means for planning and discussing a project. I acknowledge that. But, it has been a rather active conversation which has stimulated some new thinking about the project and where organizations need to take it in 2016 and assessing where the capacity is to take it.

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Drupal Themer / Subthemer | channelAustin

Employment type: 

PLEASE: No emails from outside the U.S. Local preferred.

channelAustin is looking for an Austin or Central Texas based Drupal themer who can help us develop a very basic brochure style web site.

If we can, we'd like this site to be developed on Pantheon and using the Community Media Easy or Moderate Starter Kit as the code base.

Community Media: Easy Starter Kit

Community Media: Moderate Starter Kit

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Report on Austin CM Drupal Camp - May 31 & June 1

Seven people including staff from 4 community media stations and 2 developers met in Austin at channelAustin on May 31 & June 1 for a Community Media Drupal Camp. Those present were:

Stefan Wray (stefanwray) of channelAustin
Aric Ruble (avguy) of Portland Community Media
Craig Sinclair (synchlayer) of Manhattan Neighborhood Network
Nick Ring (bagelche) of Amherst Community Media
Steven Brewer (limako) of Amherst Community Media
Kevin Reynen (kreynen) of A Little Help Hosting
Mark Libkuman (libkuman) of Open Flows

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Non Sandbox Version of MNN Modules

Hi all,

So a while back i released all the modules developed for MNN to use the Difficult Starter Kit. Unfortunately, I couldn't easily get trusted status on Drupal so I was not able to make the modules not be sandboxes.

Luckily, Eric Goldhagen, a fellow co-owner at Openflows, has the correct permissions, so we just readded all of the projects under his ownership and they are now full on Drupal projects.

So here they are, as before, they'd need a lot of work to work for somebody other than MNN but I would love to do what i can to make that happen if people have interest.

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Thoughts on Community Media 2014

Over the past few weeks as 2013 wound down and a new year spun up, I was feeling compelled to open up a conversation about the Community Media Drupal / CiviCRM kits.

I'm curious to hear about how organizations and individuals are faring with this solution for managing community media organizations and their video content. And I would like to know every instance of an organization using this software. I really hope that the adoption of these Starterkits has grown.

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Barnraising / Code-a-thon October 10-11 Sturbridge, MA

I have working with the organizers of the Alliance for Community Media Northeast for their regional conference.

I pitched the idea to have a session dedicated to web development - possibly to include helping somebody get a CM site spun up from scratch. (not a migration from Facil or anything.)

So, the organizers are reserving a booth at the tradeshow. The event takes place on October 10-11 in Sturbridge, MA.

I'm throwing this out there to try and find a few folks who might want to come and help.

Also, any suggestions on structuring our time productively is most welcome.

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Projects, shows, members and VODs

We're thinking about the best way to use shows, projects and VODs and the workflow around them. Currently only organizations can be members, although we also air shows by individuals or other organizations that are not members. However, we're moving towards a freemium model where it will be free to broadcast ready-made content, but other services will cost, which makes it easier for anyone to broadcast good content.

Members -> Series -> Shows

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CM Drupal Camp in SF

Community media television Executive Directors and staff along with Drupal developers enjoy beverages at Martin Mack's on Haight St. after a day long CM Drupal Camp on May 28 at the University of San Francisco, preceding the Alliance for Community Media Conference.

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Telvue Playback Server and Cloudcast Integration With Drupal

First under the Open Media Project and now under the Community Media Drupal Initiative there have been ongoing efforts to integrate Drupal with Telvue's products. Initially, this focused on Telvue's playback servers for the purposes of moving show metadata from Drupal to Telvue and moving Telvue schedule data back to Drupal. The "original" Telvue API had its limitations and developers made requests to add needed fields. Now, in addition to the Telvue playback server there is also a Cloudcast VOD server. The Cloudcast RSS feed references VOD files and metadata on Cloudcast.

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Community Media Drupal Making Strides

The Community Media Drupal Initiative begins the week with some good news.

  • channelAustin and MNN have signed an agreement on Drupal collaboration
  • Amherst Media's Craig Sinclair has accepted a job at MNN
  • Community Media Starter Kits are now available on Pantheon
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