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La forma correcta de eliminar un archivo permanante

Saludos amigos compañeros.

De antemando gracias por la ayuda.

En un formulario en Drupal 8 trabajo con un campo file_managed. En resumen narro que logro guardarlo como permante pasando su valor de status de 0 a 1 por medio del método FileUsageInterface::add. En cierto caso quiero hacer lo contrario. Pasar el valor de estado 1 a 0, parece ser que lo hago con FileUsageInterface::delete, pero en la tabla file_managed de la base de datos no veo el cambio.

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filtering status/error messages before display

I have two modules that are throwing warnings that I'm still trying to track down. In the meantime, they look very scary to my users and I want to filter them so they don't display to regular users. I've tried optionally displaying the message in the page.tpl.php file, but that's awful ugly and doesn't give me enough control on which part of the message to show.

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We would like a "quick" way to change a user's "Status" from "Blocked" to "Active." Right now it takes about 3-4 clicks, and then save the User edit form after selecting the "Active" radio button.

When there are dozens of users, this can be tedious. The website client doesn't want users to be "Active" until after careful review...

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New Modules RSS Feed

I've created an RSS feed for keeping track of new Drupal modules. The feed is updated daily with descriptions of every new module released on

Modules are only announced when the maintainer has actually published a release to their project page. This is important because it keeps unfinished modules off the list until they're ready to use (or at least download).

More details here.

John Forsythe

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Extend Case tracker module - Week 10 Status

Much of last week I didn't have time to work on my summer of code project. I spent a lot of my time on the phone trying to find a house to live and people to live with for this coming fall semester at college (Which starts at the beginning of September). I also had to spend time on the phone to get my classes ironed out and financial aid. I also had to spend some time on a drupal project outside of my summer of code project due to my funds running a little short and bills being due. And I also had to due some phone interviews for job positions after my graduation this coming December.

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Extend Case tracker - Week 9 Status

Much of last week was spent reading the new jQuery book that I have just purchased. I have also been playing with the AJAX calls and trying to get the UI to place nice with jQuery and display the forms properly. I started working on a project dashboard too, which is basically and administrator interface to show all projects and their completion across a site. Also I spent time learning how to use joins in MySQL because some of the stuff I am using is getting into more advanced queries and my knowledge of mysql has been limited to just using basic selects to pull out data.

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Extend Case Tracker - Week 8 Status

Last week was spent still working on UI enhancements and trying to tackle the problem how how to get AJAX to gracefully work if javascript isn't enabled. Later in the week I ended up attending barcamp. At barcamp I met the authors of the first jQuery book, they also gave a presentation on jQuery and answered some questions I had about it for me. I also found out that one of the authors is really involved with the Drupal community, Jon Chaffer. He is known as JonBob in the drupal community.

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extend case tracker module - week 7 status

Alright, I have been plugging away at various task. I didn't update last week, but have been making good progress. Much I spent a lot of time with design stuff, learning hooks, API, etc. But have finally started commiting code, after much fuss of learning CVS.

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extend case tracker module - week 2 status

Last weekend I spent more time on the design document, I also spent time playing with many various modules to see about integration with the extend case tracker module. I have been working on a mock design and how things will function and integrate. I also started looking at all the existing case tracker module code to see how things are interacting with other modules and what type of functionality exist there. I had a discussion with yoroy and with Dave Notik (sponsor of the case tracker module) about usability and design.

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relationships between issues integrated with the status field

there's are a few issues in the project module's queue ( and some duplicates), about how to link different issues together and record relationships between issues. so far, we've been talking about issues from the project module, but the ideas are generally applicable. i thought people interested in the issue tracking and relationships groups might have ideas. a few potential use cases:

1) recording the duplicate issue id so that a) we can automatically add a comment to the "parent" issue that another duplicate was just created (which bumps the issue's access time, since effectively the duplicate means another instance of the issue was just noticed), b) we could have a block of links in the parent that showed all the duplicates, and c) we have a consistent way to display the parent issue inside the child...

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