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How to implements View's relationships on a custom field?

Hi guys, I've created a simple custom field (via field api) that should "emulate" references, but allow to define the "reference" type (using a Taxonomy Term).

Basically, I have an entity_type (Company, created with eck module) that use my field to store employees, and the taxonomy term give me the employee type (commercial, owner, secretary, etc...)

I cant put taxonomy term directly in the user, becose a user can be an employee of two different companies.

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Views - how to pull a 'Node References' associated fields & data whilst it sits in a 'Field Collection'?


If anyone can advise it would be most appreciated as I've been stuck on this for over 48 hours.

I can pull fields and their associated data into a View from two content types using a 'node reference' field type and specifying a 'relationship' within the View but for some reason I cannot appear to do this when the 'node reference field' is contained within a Field Collection. In this instance all it will do is bring back the field titles but without the data.

So to be clear, I have the following:

  • a 'Client Information' content type (ct);
  • a 'Job' ct;
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Workflow with relation concept

For sometime we have been working on a publication workflow system at the California Science Center in D6 and I've been considering how such a system might be implemented in D7. This lead me to the work being done on the Relation module, which lead me to the following conceptual model. I'd like some feedback on the appropriateness and feasibility of this approach.

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Besoin d'aide avec Views Relationships et Taxonomy

Cela fait quelques jours que je cherche comment accomplir quelque chose qui me semble facile mais je n'y arrive pas...

En bref, avec Drupal 7, j'essaie de créer une Vue qui contient des champs de deux types de contenus différents et dont la relation se fait avec les taxons et l'utilisateur courant. Voici les détails:

  • Vocabulaire de taxonomie: Type d'exercice - avec termes (ex: prévention, respiration, étirement)
  • Type de Contenu: Exercice - contient des termes de la taxonomie Type d'exercice
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Security Scared

Received invite today. I'm a long-term gmail user but got scared while building my google+ "circles". This is a great user interface but I'm just not comfortable sharing my relationships with Google's core.

Since federal agencies can access these records without a warrant or notification, why should I make it easier for them? (Even though I am a law abiding citizen.)

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LIn Clark video - Views: Arguments and relationships

Lin Clark from DERI Galway takes us through Arguments and Relationships with the very powerful views module in Drupal 7 at Drupal Camp Galway April 2011.

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Drupal CRM's architecture - clarifications and further steps

There's a wiki page about the CRM stack, and I thought it would be valuable to move discussion and clarification here.

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User location relationships and proximity searching.

Users have their own location, provided to us by the User Location module.

Users can also create nodes, and these nodes have their own location, provided to us by the Location module.

Is there a method via Views - or any other way! - of creating a proximity search of nodes that uses the User's location (ie the node author) as the basis of the search?

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Lightweight semantic web capability for node-reference connections

Since I haven't gotten any bites on my post to CCK (, I've decided to work on a new module that builds on top of CCK's node-reference. It will also likely have Node Relationships as a dependency because I think that module is very useful for the related use cases.

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Genealogy with views and cck (and RDF?)

In I suggest a way to create genealogies via cck and views. I am working on implementing it on a drupal site, but wondered if there is any input these groups can provide me with:

I would like to add that I plan on primarily using prepopulate in creating links for this, but I can see that some stuff will need some module code in order to be user friendly.

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