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RFP for Front-End Designer-Developer

Sharing this with the NYC group, as we're hoping to get local prospects for a Drupal designer.

The American Studies Association (my client) is looking for a web design firm or consultant to develop—in collaboration with the Association and its partnering institution, Johns Hopkins University Press—the interface, architectural and graphic design of a redesigned website, specifically through wireframes, templates, and a Drupal theme compatible with Johns Hopkins University’s systems environment.

The RFP is on the main Drupal jobs site,

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RFP: Website migration and redesign project (government agency, Illinois)

The Reaching Across Illinois Library System (RAILS) is planning to replace our current Drupal 6 website with a mobile-friendly Drupal 7 website. We are seeking to contract with a creative and experienced Drupal developer to build and deliver a complex and feature-rich Drupal 7 installation, including the design of a customized responsive theme, and migration of content from our existing Drupal 6 site.

The deadline for proposals is 3:00pm CDT on Wednesday, September 16, 2015.

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DC Association Seeks FT Maintenance for its Drupal Sites

Our organization, the National Criminal Justice Association is currently seeking bids for ongoing website maintenance/support. We are a non-profit based in Chinatown (Washington, DC), and currently operate two Drupal-based websites.

Our RFP is available online at:


Submit your proposals by Friday, June 5, 2015.

If you have questions, please let me know. Thanks.

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RFP: Drupal development, front end design, analytics and user testing

Metro has just released RFP 2967 On call web professional services.

Three (3) service categories are presented for proposals: Drupal development, Drupal front end design and user experience, and analytics and user testing.

This RFP is now posted on ORPIN (Oregon Procurement Information Network). To view contracting opportunities, your firm must be registered with ORPIN. Please see https://jobs.drupal.org/metro/job/9517 for how to register on ORPIN and submit a proposal.

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RFP: Website, integrated CMS and CRM for Oregon environmental non-profit

The Oregon Shores Conservation Coalition has issued the attached RFP to redevelop a custom-built CMS-driven website and add CRM functionality to the back end. This is more complicated than the average non-profit site due to a database and interface through which different kinds of users contribute and retrieve geographically specific observations of plants, animals, etc. More detail and contact information are available in the RFP. Please follow up with questions (and probably schedule an initial phone call soon) if you're interested.

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Meyer Memorial Trust New Website RFP

Hi all,

The Meyer Memorial Trust would like to invite Drupal shops to submit an RFP for our website redesign project.

Meyer Memorial Trust is a private, nonprofit, charitable foundation located in Portland, Oregon, established by the estate of Fred G. Meyer. MMT awards grants to nonprofit organizations serving Oregon and Clark County, Washington.

We are seeking expert guidance to help design, re-brand and implement a website with high functionality, approachable style and content that speaks directly to our audience of grantees, philanthropic partners, and both internal and external stakeholders.

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RFP: CiviCRM Build for Cooperative Association

Please see that attached RFP for implementing CiviCRM for the USA Cooperative Youth Council. Forward it to those you think may be interested.

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Request for Proposal - U of M - College of Biological Sciences- Usability study and redesign

The College of Biological Sciences at the University of Minnesota is looking for a qualified vendor to run usability testing and also a site refresh/redesign based off of the feedback from usability testing. Our current site is built on Drupal 7.

We are asking for a Request for Proposals from any qualified vendor that is interested in working with us. All information about our RFP can be found here: https://docs.google.com/a/umn.edu/document/d/1J0OTCxY-1pKambsAiLtplWGu9a...

If you have any questions, please contact Tom at tjkautz@umn.edu.

Thank you!

Tom Kautz

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Potential PostNet International Franchise Corporation Vendors

The RFP is CLOSED. We're sorry you didn't see this before the deadline, but we are not accepting additional proposals at this time.

PostNet International Franchise Corporation is seeking to partner with a vendor with expertise in Drupal for the redesign, implementation and launch of its websites, www.postnet.com and www.postnet.ca, as well as its mobile sites, m.postnet.com and m.postnet.ca. As a result of this initiative, we are formally requesting that interested, and qualified companies take this opportunity to request of copy of our Request for Proposal.

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Seeking agency to upgrade and improve hastac.org | HASTAC

Employment type: 

Learn more at http://hastac.org/rfp2013

* Offer superior user experience
* Communicate HASTAC’s identities and missions
* Support openness, and facilitate connections and collaboration
* Have flexible and sustainable architecture

The Humanities, Arts, Science and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory (HASTAC or “haystack”) is a lively, engaged, free and open-source international alliance of academics, students, and institutions thinking about and shaping the future of learning. We seek a consultant to create a new website for our active, tech-savvy, and participatory community using the Drupal 7.x platform, integrating content from our existing Drupal 6.x site. Although HASTAC’s website is housed and managed by staff at Duke University, HASTAC is an independent, grant-funded, non-profit that does not collect dues and has a small staff, some of which are full- or part-time volunteers and students.

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