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How many admins does it take to cause memory swaps?

I wanted to start a discussion on the impact of being logged in as "admin" and engaging in activities such as editing panels, creating views, and generally modifying a production site. It is easy to forget the memory demands this places on an operational server. Worse, I find myself often logged in from multiple Chrome windows while also logging in from Firefox and IE, all as admin.

Can someone help enlighten the group on the RAM impact of being logged in as admin in multiple Chrome browser windows, plus Firefox at the same time, all the while making significant site design changes?

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Tuning with NewRelic

So I've finally delved into tuning up my aging Drupal 6 site using NewRelic and like most I'm amazed at what their product has to offer. Very useful for honing in on problem areas. However, being new to this I'm not fully sure what the correct actions are to fix my particular problem.

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Front-end tuning: downloading javascript files in paralell

I was looking for frontend tuning for faster page load. I found some very good technics, almost all already improved by drupal, but I can't figure out how to load javascripts in the button of the page. As you can see Javascript is loaded on the top of each page, while that happens page loading is blocked to other things like loading images,flash and also cause a gap while processing that code and restart loading the rest of the page...

I think these urls are good guides for improving front-end performance:

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Excessive cache_get time

I have noticed (I think) a strange thing. My cache_get times are excessive compared to rest of queries consistently. E.g on front page for logged in user I am seeing these numbers through devl module

203.92 1 cache_get SELECT data, created, headers, expire FROM main_cache WHERE cid = 'locale:mr'
172.59 1 cache_get SELECT data, created, headers, expire FROM main_cache_menu WHERE cid = '1:mr'
41.89 1 eval SELECT COUNT(uid) AS number FROM main_users WHERE status=1
25.56 1 drupal_lookup_path SELECT dst FROM main_url_alias WHERE src = 'front_page1'
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Inordinately high memcache miss rate on Drupal 5 questions

I've run into what seems to be a problem with memcache. Memcache has a gig of memory and generally sits at around 85% full with over 50% cache misses. The site has been hit with some traffic spikes of around 40k+ visitors per hour (mostly anonymous visits) and this has been enough to take it down (with the additional traffic to another Drupal site running on the same servers). There are two fairly powerful web servers and I think that if memcache were working properly, things would be fine.

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Achieving Optimal MySQL Performance For Drupal

MySQL AB and KernelTrap.org's Jeremy Andrews are partnering up to offer an online presentation titled "Achieving Optimal MySQL Performance For Drupal". Aiming to provide a better understanding of how to properly monitor and tune your MySQL database, the online Webinar will take place on Thursday, January 31st, 2008, at 16:00 UTC (11:00 am EST). The presentation will last 45 minutes, followed by 15 minutes for questions and answers. You can sign up for the free event here.

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Presentation: Drupal performance tuning and optimization

OpenCraft hosted a 3.5 hour seminar that I presented on Drupal performance tuning and optimization. You can find the slides from the presentation there, which can be useful to some of you.

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MySQL monitoring tools


Here's a couple of tools that may help in monitoring MySQL performace:

Anyone using similar scripts to monitor high performance mysql servers?


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Tuning drupal for hi-traffic


Hi, I recently switched from phpbb to drupal. (http://drupal.org/node/44368)

Here is my configuration

  • web server: Dual Xeon 3.0Ghz (32bit), 2G RAM, SATA HDD
  • db server: same as web server (physically different server)
  • software: apache 1.3.34, php 5.1.2, mysql 5.0.18
  • total number of nodes: 70,000+
  • total number of comments: 330,000+
  • total number of users: 25,000+
  • Usually there are 150+ anonymous users and 50+ registered users (by checking Who's online block)
  • Modules: most core modules (4.7) except archive, book, drupal, legacy, ping with contributed modules (adsense, codefilter, favorite_nodes, google_analytics, logintobaggan, nmoderation, subscription, taxomony_access, urlfilter, votingapi, comment_upload, tagadelic)
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