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PHP Accelator for Drupal7

We are exploring few options to setup a site for drupal 7 , we have few combinations like

Nginx + varnish + php7 + php-fpm + memcache + APCU + zend opcode

Apache + varnish + php5 + HHVM + memcache

we need some suggestions on this

This is a media publishing website has more content and it can have 300 - 600 page visits for an hour and has 25000 articles.

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php7 + memcache: stable?

We'd like to run our Drupal 7 sites with php7. The only trouble we have so far has to do with the PECL memcache(d) extensions - no stable release supporting php7 has been published yet:



  • The PECL/memcached package is being discussed in this issue where people are actively waiting for a stable release to move to php7 (some of them ended up moving to Redis because it was taking too long)
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    Seeking reviews for an improvement to Memcache's time-based expiration/invalidation logic

    Hello there.

    While working on a large site a coworker discovered that there was a problem with the Memcache module's cache clearing and time-based expiration & invalidation.

    My coworker devised a very simple scenario that tested what the Memcache module was doing:



  • Store some data in the cache via cache_set($data, $cid).
  • Verify what data is contained in the cache using cache_get($cid).
  • Clear the entire cache bin via cache_clear_all('*', $bin, TRUE).
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    Experienced Senior Developer for Music Startup

    Senior Developer - Join our team

    Full-Time competitive salary plus equity options
    United Kingdom
    London or Norwich or remote working


    Join our groundbreaking Music-Tech Startup which has been receiving international recognition for its disruptive solution for the entertainment industry. “Best European Startup 2014” SXSW Hatch.

    We are looking for a highly motivated individual, passionate about cutting edge technology, with the drive to lead our tech team and steer our innovative product forward in this exciting new market space.

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    Principal Drupal Architect | Averity

    Employment type: 
    Full time
    Not allowed

    We need our Principal Drupal Architect. If you’re looking to take your Drupal, architecture, leadership & management skills to the next level, this is the job!

    What’s the job?

    In brief, we are moving our consumer brands to one platform: a Drupal 7 Multisite cluster, which we started about a year ago. We are using a solution that combines Puppet, Vagrant, Docker and Jenkins. We are getting rid of our North American Datacenter and building 4 clusters based on geographic locations: North America, Europe/Middle East/Africa, Latin America and Asia Pacific.

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    Backend caching forms?

    We have a fairly normal multi-server setup: haproxy -> varnish -> drupal

    We have drupal using a single memcache instance for all the caches except cache_form (we had 2 for redundancy, but since we're trying to debug this problem we're running it on a single instance).

    All the urls that contain '/admin' are excluded from varnish (even though the cookie does that too, we just wanted to make sure this was not the problem).

    So what happens is: a lot of the backend forms get cached.

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    Found this link useful for cache discussion

    I found this discussion useful while exploring cache and cron issues for my site, real Life English.

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    Advices for tuning my server for better performance and scalability

    I am working on a web application which will primarily be used by authenticated users. The web application imports records from CSV files using the Feeds module, MongoDB was chosen to store this data because it is much faster to do the writes rather than in MySQL. The application is importing thousands of records every day really fast. The records are referenced to the users and when they log in, they can consult their information. The application is also used as an API for the mobile app.

    I have a 17gb AWS EC2 Instance as the server.

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    Drupal Server Administrator Needed Immediately to set up a Production Site | DCA Business Media

    Employment type: 

    Small, well established, publishing company is seeking a experienced individual for server administrator consultation, on contract basis. We need someone with backend proficiencies to help determine the most effective dedicated server configuration for a move to live production, and possibly moving solr search index/query configuration to VPS, of our new ready-to-go live d7 dev site.

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    Linux Network Administration (Freelance) | Private

    Employment type: 
    Part time

    I am looking for a Linux network administrator that can assist me periodic problems on a few linux servers. I am not looking for a full time employee only a person that support me periodically. You will be required to quote me on each job and if I am satisfied you will be given the go-ahead.

    You should have very good knowledge of Linux (Centos), Drupal, memcache, APC, MySQL and performance on a Linux server.

    Please contact me on skype @ cornelombaard if this is something that interests you.

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