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Upcoming Toronto Drupal Events

We've got several events on the schedule, leading up to the end of the year. Check them out on Meetup.com: http://www.meetup.com/dug-to/

Toronto Tech Wrap-Up Party 2013 (Charity Event Supported by DUGTO)
December 3rd

December Meetup: Case Studies
December 16th

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Follow, NoIndex for Specific Pages


I am developing a new site and was curious, if there is a way for the automatized formatting of the page code to index/no-index.

Currently, Google crawls all pages from my site, but I have the taxonomy for the navigation finished, but I have no content there yet. It hurts my potential future ranking as Google Panda/Penguin will rank many pages as "pages with no content".

Is there a way to set taxonomy pages as "NoIndex, Follow"?



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Drupal Performance Optimization Specialist | Cognisync, Inc

Employment type: 

We are looking for a Drupal engineer to review an existing site and offer performance and scalability recommendations to improve site performance.

The existing architecture includes Drupal 6, pound load balancing, MySQL database, memcache and APC. Existing site traffic levels include: 1.5-1.75 million pages, 10-15 million hits and 140-150GB bandwidth per month. Further details to be provided upon request.

The candidate should have a proven track record in this area and be able to furnish references upon request.


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Web Scale Engineer (LAMP) (Westbury, NY) | CPX Interactive

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

NOTE: We currently have a handful of Drupal sites we're building and supporting, and many more hand-coded sites which will need to get converted to Drupal. We are looking for someone with exposure to Drupal who can help set a good example of best practices, and establish a developer workflow that will enable us to churn out new websites at a breakneck pace.

Job Description

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NYTimes.com has a very interesting article about misuse of SEO techniques and Google's response.


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Serious performane issue because of mini-panels and multiple content types

We are working on a site whose pages are taking 17 seconds to load when it is not cached. What you see here is CCK content types like Book, Video, etc. in Block Views, which are then used in Mini Panels. These Mini Panels are joined together to create widgets. We are showing three nodes at a time for each content type - Still loading 12 different content types requires a large number of SQL queries.

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SELECT node.nid AS nid, node_data_field_article_image.field_article_image_fid AS node_data_field_article_image_field_article_image_fid, node_data_field_article_image.field_article_image_list AS node_data_field_article_image_field_article_image_list, node_data_field_article_image.field_article_image_data AS node_data_field_article_image_field_article_image_data, node.type AS node_type, node.vid AS node_vid, node.title AS node_title, node.nid AS node_nid, nodequeue_nodes_node.position AS nodequeue_nodes_node_position FROM node node

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Optimizing my site (any advice appreciated)

I recently converted a somewhat big site to Drupal 6.

We currently have:
~13,000 registered users, usually anywhere from 50 - 100 online at a time.
~23,000 nodes

I'm running on a VPS with 4gb ram, 200 gb disk space.

I have drupal page compression enabled, optimize css and js enabled.

My host has installed xcache for me.

I really love the drupal framework but my users are very displeased at my current speeds.

Some of the complaints I have received are:

"Speed- slooooooooooow. Agonizingly slooooooooow. 20+ seconds per click."

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New module for image optimization


I'd like to introduce a new module: ImageAPI Optimize. This is a "virtual toolkit", that means it does exactly what GD or Imagemagick toolkit (your choice!) does, and it optimizes the output.

This module does requires (optionally) some external commands.

All suggestions are welcome!

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Need your advices

Hello Everyone,

I have a website with 100k Visitors/Day , I am a newbie in Php and Servers, when a downtime occurs managed hosting guy was resetting the server and I was optimizing the databases and I was optimizing the DB everyday and I was fine.

But this week site became to crash twice a day. And Reboot/optimize only works for 5-6 hrs and it crashes again. My hosting guy said it is caused by cache_page table in mySQL and it gives ~300MiB overhead in 2hrs after mysql optimization. And he said its a wrong method to keep cache in database it causes this errors.

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