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Automatic document generation for contributed and custom Module

Whenever we install a new module, We will search for its configuration options. Even though the module has description page, there are not many modules which describe what it does in a developer's perspective.

So I decided to create a module which describes a module based on hooks, menus, schema, variables and other drupal entities it uses.

I would love to hear some suggestions based on this idea.

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Perl script to automatically format docblock text

One of the things that I find really fiddly with writing documentation is making sure lines wrap to 80 characters. I find it really breaks my flow of concentration to be always watching for when to hit return or even go back when a word turns out to be too long and then type a space-star-space (how on earth people did it in the days of manual typewriters... I guess we're just spoilt with technology nowadays!).

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Documentation Tools

What tools/modules do you use for site Documentation? I'm looking at using Book module and the plethora of add-on modules to make it more usable for our site help docs. What we have right now is a mess of unrelated nodes and it's hard to find anything. The site topics will encompass a wide array of software our IT department supports and tutorials and videos to walk new users through various tasks.

What tools do you use?

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