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Website Developer | Globalbility

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I need help to make a website to connect volunteers in a collaborative translation work. It is a postcard and translation project, you can see our simple website here to get an idea: www.globalbility.org - It is a non-commercial initiative, it is registered in the Norwegian Voluntary Register as a NGO.

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Consultant, workspaces in Drupal | UNEP / Convention on Migratory Species

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Full time

We (the Convention for the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals, based in Bonn, Germany) are looking for a Drupal developer to upgrade and improve the existing Workspace of the AEWA Technical Committee and to then duplicate and configure copies of it for use by other Bodies of the CMS Family, namely the CMS Scientific Council, the ASCOBANS Advisory Committee and the Advisory Committee of EUROBATS.

The consultant shall
-Upgrade the existing AEWA TC Workspace from the current Drupal 5 to Drupal 7 Version (latest installation)

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Wiki page for Drupalgangers

Hi everybody
Does anyone would like to make a Wikipedia page for Drupalgangers? Heather, Amy, it would be great to have such a page to link to from future conference websites. People are getting confused about who drupalgangers are and have no idea how it started.

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Documentation Tools

What tools/modules do you use for site Documentation? I'm looking at using Book module and the plethora of add-on modules to make it more usable for our site help docs. What we have right now is a mess of unrelated nodes and it's hard to find anything. The site topics will encompass a wide array of software our IT department supports and tutorials and videos to walk new users through various tasks.

What tools do you use?

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Best way to handle empty wiki links - Drupal 7

Initially asked the question in the forums without any interest, so I am trying to see if anyone has some thoughts on http://drupal.org/node/1072454.


Would like to ask if anyone can think how it would be possible to distinguish or log Links to Wiki Article Pages that do not yet have content in a Drupal Wiki. My current system is using wikitools where if the URL /wiki/EMPTY_PAGE_NAME is entered into browser or linked, it will go to a page to create that article.

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Drupal on Wikimatrix - welcome `Drupal Wiki`

Hello together,

Drupal(wiki) is now officially listed on the wiki-comparision page #1 : www.wikimatrix.org

We are happy to announce the successful implementation of Drupal as Wiki in the Drupal Wiki project. It is build on vanilla Drupal 6 and creates a new level of integration of Wikis or even more precise, for Drupal in Intranet-Applications.

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