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Open Atrium default language change

When I change default language of open atrium all edit buttons in all content desapears. Is that an organic groups configuration? Any idias?

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Website Developer | Globalbility

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I need help to make a website to connect volunteers in a collaborative translation work. It is a postcard and translation project, you can see our simple website here to get an idea: - It is a non-commercial initiative, it is registered in the Norwegian Voluntary Register as a NGO.

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A tradução para Português do Drupal precisa da vossa ajuda

A data da release final do Drupal 7.0 está quase aí e ainda faltam mais de 1000 termos por traduzir para o Português de Portugal.

Somos 111 pessoas neste grupo, se cada um traduzir 10 termos, num dia temos a tradução feita. Convido-vos portanto a colaborarem neste esforço que até agora foi carregado em ombros por apenas alguns (entre os quais o Miguel Duarte, e o José Fernandes).

Para ajudar na tradução, basta ir ao

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How translate Open Scholar?


I am testing openscholar and I'm interested in translate the aplication from english to portuguese. What files can I change?


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Using Drupal Translation Tools For Something Completely Different

Hi All!

The company that I work for creates software for mobile phones. I'm working on a project to use a Web site to gather community-generated translations for some versions of that software. In other words, I'm going to have a pile of text strings from the application UI(s), and I will be feeding them through a Drupal-based site for community translation. The end result should be something similar to Google's Google In Your Language.

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