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Retrieve a specific version (vid) of a node : D7

How do we retrieve a specific revision (vid) attributes of a node.

Works :[nid]=5&parameters[vid]=34 [vid=34 is the latest version version id]

Doesn't Works :[nid]=5&parameters[vid]=31 [vid=31 is the second version version id]

Please advise, how to construct the query to pull the a specific version ID related node attributes

Drupal Version : D7

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JSON request to form for creating a node

Please help to properly create Jason request to send a form to create a node

I get an error:

"form_errors": {
    "field_product][und][form][sku": "SKU field is required.",
    "field_product][und][form][commerce_price][und][0][amount": "Discount Price field is required.",
    "field_product][und][form][commerce_sales][und][0][value": "Sales field is required.",
    "field_timending][und][0][value": "A valid date is required for <em class=\"placeholder\">Valid Until</em>."

what am i doing wrong?

the query such

{"type": "deal","title": "Some title",

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April 13 GRupal Meetup

Special guest speaker Ryan Weaver joins us to talk Drupal 8 on April 13!

For more info please head over to our page and join our Meetup.

GRupal - Advanced Drupal Development in Grand Rapids, MI

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Guardando campo tipo date con JSON mediante SERVICES

Hola gente, llevo varios días intentando guardar un campo fecha (con JSON) que tengo en un nodo , y por algún motivo en la bd se guarda de forma incorrecta (el campo, porque el nodo y el resto de campos si los guarda bien). El json he probado a ponerlo de mil maneras, finalmente decidí que el tipo de fecha fuera timestamp, pero aún con esas se sigue guardando mal en la base de datos:

He probado mil formas





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New install drupal, REST server failed to create a user by using poster(firefox) or postman (chrome).

Hi everyone, after googled around two days, I decided to create a discussion here. I don't know if anyone can noticed this problem. I'm trying to use poster add-on in firefox to create a user in drupal. The parameters are user:test, pass:test, After I post it, drupal created a user called test, BUT! the tricky thing is I can't login by using the username and the pass which I just created. Anyone knows why? My guess is that I config something bad, or miss-installed something. The article I followed is Thank you, any idea would be nice.

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Principal Drupal Developer | Pac-12

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

Join the Pac-12 and help build, our TV Everywhere live video streaming experiences, and mobile products. As a Principal Drupal Developer you will have the opportunity to develop on our cutting-edge Drupal implementation. Our developers are full stack engineers comfortable defining an object model, refining a mysql query, designing the next version of our APIs, or optimizing css selectors. Pac-12’s goal is to be a force in the Drupal community, contributing as much as possible. At the Pac-12, you will have the ability to participate in forging the future of several outstanding open source initiatives.

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Why custom services perform better than services module

I have created custom services module which gives json output and I created a resource using services hook_services_resources().

The custom ones gives response in 200ms where as services module gives in 4sec.

What is the reason? Does it take lot of time for formatting?authentication?access checks?

Steps to reproduce-
Custom way--
1)Install drupal
2)Create a content-type of complicated nested field collections
3)create a menu in custom module
4)output of that menu is drupal_json_output of the node data.

Services way---

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Getting restws to do more than respond

Having discovered that Services just can't handle parsing XML correctly (attributes), and that altering the parser list to call simplexml doesn't, in the end, seem to call it, I'm trying my luck with restws, given that it seems to be the direction to head in anyway.

I have configured the path in my module as such:

function mymodule_restws_resource_info() {
    return array(
        'mymodule_person' => array(
            'label' => t('Person'),
            'class' => 'PersonResourceController',
            'menu_path' => 'api/person',
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Services module integration |

Employment type: 

A custom PHP site is installed inside Drupal 7. This custom site generates orders, which needs to be brought into the Ubercart inside Drupal to complete the purchase process. It is desirable that the user stays logged in during this process. The Services module needs to be configured to accomplish this and any required coding done.

Interested parties can contact me at

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How to update node field from Actionscript3 using Services and AmfServer

Hi Folks!

I've set up the services 3 module and all the amfserver/zend dependencies, and can retrieve node information from D7 back into actionscript. However, I am soooo stuck on trying to update node fields back into Drupal. I've run and understand the tests provided by Rolf Vreijdenberger in his file. However, I see no example for doing the node update.

The handlers have been set:
proxy.setHandler("node", "retrieve", onResult, onStatus);
proxy.setHandler("node", "update", onResult, onStatus);

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