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OpenID is removed from core for Drupal 8; OAuth appears to be successor

As you can see from the "External Identities Initiative" issues tag, OpenID has apparently been removed from the core for Drupal 8 while OAuth is being added. However, the exact status is not clear to me because of the spaghetti-web of related issues, comments, modules, etc. at

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Need help with SSO using OpenID

The D6 site that I'm working on needs to be an OpenID consumer. I've enabled the OpenID module, but there is much more than that.

What I need to do is:

  1. Restrict the authorative OpenID server to a specific OpenID server
  2. Check any incoming user for OpenID login
  3. If currently logged into the OpenID provider, auto login to my D6 site.
  4. Possibly exchange attributes from provider.

Is this feasible? Can anyone point me to any documentation on how to go about this?

As always, any assistance is appreciated.


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OpenID changes in Drupal 7.9

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OpenID Single Sign On

I'm currently using the OpenID Single Sign On with provider and client and with modules for syncing user profiles. Here's a patch I submitted to sync user profile pictures: I think overall this solution works quite well, though could still use some work.

What sort of issues are people having / working on?

A couple issues I'm working on:

Syncing User Membership across sites
1.) how to sync both the creation and updating of group nodes (since my sites are using modified Atrium sites) between the hub and subsites and

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OpenID is not dead!

Hey there, I'm wojtha, fresh co-maintainer for the OpenID module.

Now I'm trying to fix the critical bugs of the OpenID in the D6 and D7. But I'm not an expert in this area, I dove to the OpenID standard 5 months ago for the first time so any help will be appreciated. Now I'm focused on my personal issues with the OpenID, trying to get following three and several connected issues to the next Drupal 7.x release:

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Summary: Omniauth - OpenID Single Sign-On for Drupal


I'm just trying to get all information, spread out in different nodes and comments, together into one single post:

We implemented a OpenID single sign on solution for some of our clients (we call it Omniauth). It's based on Development Seeds great work on an OpenID Single Sign on solution for Drupal. Besides general improvement, instead of using feeds, foaf and PubSubHubbub to synchronize user information we used OpenID's own update_url ( and store_request ( to share user information between sites.

Omniauth includes the modules that are necessary, exported configuration into Features and installation profiles for both provider and relying parties.

I made a screencast to allow you to understand easier how to set up Omniauth and it's provided functionality at this moment:

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OpenID Single Signon, Provider and Client

We've been discussing several solutions for the Single Signon problem in Drupal, and got to the conclusion that this is a really confusing topic and that there are several projects trying to achieve this goal in multiple ways, some of them work, some of them not quite.

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OmniAuth OpenID Single Signon - OpenID - Single Signon Lives (Sorta)

the single-signon options for mere-Drupal-mortals seem to be pretty thin, which is rather suprizing considering the flagship Drupal Gardens uses OpenID

I am looking at setting-up a network of sites within Aegir hosting and I've been spending a lot of time spinning my wheels with Bakery and OpenID type "solutions" - I've been annoying people and arguing and basically struggling through up the learning curve

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Simple Sign-On con OpenID


Ahora vengo implementando una solución donde un site llamado Plan usará los usuarios ya registrados en un site llamado Control.
Control será el proveedor openID

Activé el módulo OpenID en Plan e instalé el módulo OpenID Provider en Control (también el módulo pathauto para cambiar el url de los usuarios).
Asi, para usar OpenID en Plan hay que usar un id similar a:

Cómo es incomodo poner todo eso, he pensado que pongan sólo su nombre y con programación intervenga poniendo lo demás e invocando el login.

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OpenID at registering as new user

Hi all,

there's one thing about this OpenID feature. I've been searching to find the answer for this question, but I didn't succeeded. The main idea is to use single login and password for variety of sites. So far so good. Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you're asking for new account, you have to provide some non-OpenID password in order to log in for the first time and only after that you're able to define your OpenID identity.

Would it be possible to skip defining non-OpenID password and to use OpenID identity straight at registering as a new user?


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