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Services + Oauth + JWT

Hello everybody, first of all I'm kind of lost here so If I'm not using the right terminology or what I'm saying have no sense please feel free to correct me, second I'm trying to get more information about this subject so any comment is really apreciated.

I'm trying to use Services with the Oauth2 Server but Using JWT.

I enabled the Services module, Created my own custom Endpoints, with no auth, worked perfectly.

I Enabled the Oauth2 Server, configured the server, the clientes, the scope. It worked.

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OpenID is removed from core for Drupal 8; OAuth appears to be successor

As you can see from the "External Identities Initiative" issues tag, OpenID has apparently been removed from the core for Drupal 8 while OAuth is being added. However, the exact status is not clear to me because of the spaghetti-web of related issues, comments, modules, etc. at Drupal.org.

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Mid-level drupal developer (£32,616 - £36,908) | Imperial War Museum London

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

The Imperial War Museums have a higly respected digital media department engaged in many conspicuous and exciting projects as the centenary of the First World War approaches. It is based at our main London branch but serves all five sites. Our team is responsible for all public-facing digital media on the web and in galleries and relaunched our core websites in late 2011. We now require a web developer with strong drupal and dev-ops skills to further develop and maintain this site and to spearhead development in a number of projects.

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Netflix and OAuth connector problems

I'm working on a site that requires oauth access to netflix. I want my users to be able to authenticate the Netflix connection when they sign up for the service. Then I can save the XML links to a database and use them on the server side.

I'm still wrapping my head around all of it. I'm trying to use the oauth connector module.

I understand the netflix side but I'm struggling with the implementation. I really don't understand what the oauth connector module is trying to do.

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Services OAuth: anyone have any idea how to configure?

I think the subject says it all. The Services OAuth module has no end user documentation, and looking at the interface pages I'm not sure what to do.
Anyone know of documentation for usage of the Services OAuth interface? All I can find is non-drupal specific OAuth docs for developers authoring an OAuth implementation, but not how to configure such an interface once it is there.

If you know how to use the Services OAuth module's interface, could you please write something up and post where that can be found?

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Problem with Twitter submodules and Oauth (missing)

Good day, this is my first discussion, glad to be here...

While OAuth module is active, the submodules of Twitter show it as missing. Why is this happening? And how I can fix it?
PD: check the attached image please.

Drupal 6
OAuth 6.x-3.0-beta3
Twitter 6.x-3.0-beta3



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How to integrate a iPhone application with Drupal

This will just be a short announcement of about a blog post that might interest people. Not trying to spam you or anything be we haven't been allowed into the Drupal planet feed yet.


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OAuth and Security

One issue with the Services API is its weak implementation of API keys. Although it does work, it could be better. It is probably worth it to investigate OAuth, an open protocol to "allow secure API authentication in a simple and standard method from desktop and web applications". Some of you got the chance to see Boris' talk on this in Boston at Drupalcon, any thoughts? How would it effect Services?

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